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annie's boys

This is my 200th Hunger Games drawing (not submitted to dA, just in general, out of all I've done). I wanted to do something reaaaally special~

So, here we have Finnick, Annie, and Caspian Odair :heart:

:iconsobcryplz: I'm really proud of this one.
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It kinda looks like Katnis, Peeta, and their boy Rye.
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beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. It's as though she feels his presence there and they're together as a family... In her mind? :'( lovely 
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This is the most perfect hunger games picture I have ever seen. It captures all of their rolls, as mom, baby, father, husband... And that caspian is really adorable. As for finnick, he is my top four character. The background is stunning as well. Like I said before, stunning. 
Crystal-Labyrinth's avatar
They are so cute. And so happy. This is the best finale to HG. (I think of this as my cannon, thank you very much)
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Amazing drawing. I absolutely love it! The kiss is just adorable too ^^
OmniTilly's avatar
Im gonna, no tears. Happy picture!

Lovely work!
deranai's avatar
Fuc**** book !! Why Finnick, why ?!!!
Apart from that... I love your drawing
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This is so, so, so, so good! Whyy did Finnick die?
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awwwww that is sooo cute its so sad that finnick dies :cries:
l1quidluck's avatar
it's too sad :tears: Suzanne Collins why did you have to kill finnick?
moonlightprincess99's avatar
That is a truly beautiful piece. Excuse me... :cries: Okay, I'm good now.

Wonderful job!
just-me-in-here's avatar
simply amazing :3 & I love that you draw Annie so much <3
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I'm in love with Annie, what can I say :D
just-me-in-here's avatar
Well you are not the only one :P
She is just so awesome :3
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This is so beautiful. I Think I'm getting emotional now
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They look so happy together. :happytears: I think the saddest thing about Finnick was already mentally unstable and Finnick was the only one who understood her and helped her through it. Without him, I don't think Annie will be able to really function just like when she was without him.
finnodair's avatar
That is my opinion as well. Though I like to think she could be semi strong for her son..
FrostedDolphins's avatar
This is beautiful omg I'm crying
thewolfwalksalone's avatar
It's so nice! Super good for a 200th hunger games drawing, you know, I seriously can't get over Finnick, she only wrote one paragraph then he's dead, come one Suzanne! Finnick is so special to us and his death didn't even take up one page :(
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AAAAAAWWWW!!!! the only time I cried in the books was when...well, you know. :'( don't want to give away any spoilers.
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Really? Man. I think I cried at least once a chapter, either from happiness, or stress, or depression, etc. etc. Those books really got to me emotionally!
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