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My pieces of art are right in here. :)


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My favorite pieces of art from other talented artists. :)




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Welcome to my profile. My name is Sean, but you can call me "Finn". I'm a self-taught artist who's been drawing/making my own characters at a really young age. I enjoy cartoons, video games, crossovers and other weird things. And I also enjoy drawing comics and other things with my own characters.

Interested in commissions? Check here:…

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Any other account you see besides DeviantArt, Fanfiction and YouTube are immediately fake.


So I finished World of Light.

I...don’t have plans to make a Tooniverse Emissary sequel out of it.
Some OCs in the OC list have gotten colored references. Although I won’t do it daily, you’ll see some more get colored every couple of days.
The Origin of the Christmas Virus
"It all started decades ago, back when Christmas was celebrated only on December. Although I am immortal, I wasn't as fast as I used to be centuries ago. Though the elves could get all the gifts done within about 3 weeks, the job of sending them all in one night seemed to get more and more...difficult and demanding. But not wanting to give the job to another person, as I felt nobody could do it as good as I did, I needed some help. So I called up the Master Painter one December night, and he said he would create an assistant to help me. So he soon created what was known as the Christmas Spirit. All that he would do was go inside my body and increase my energy so that I could send the gifts quicker. Not to mention, it would make me feel a bit younger."

"However, when the Master Painter sent him to the North Pole, some outside force corrupted him along the way. Nobody knew what happened, so when he came to my house and introduced himself as a wild and crazy spirit, we teamed up immediately without questions and he went inside my body. At first, he was a very helpful spirit. I was able to get the job done twice as fast than before. But I was soon about to see the corruption and obsession that followed..."

"He began changing the rules and saturated the holidays to several months and advertised Christmas so much at the expense of several other holidays, and not to mention, he also commanded that people express themselves in whatever way they want during the holidays. This caused the other holidays to lose their importance, my elves to become so tired, and the people to celebrate Christmas in very unhealthy ways."

"Eventually, I had enough and told the Christmas Virus I wanted nothing to do with him. Angered, he swore revenge on me one day and simply fled. Later on, the Master Painter created another Christmas Spirit known as Claustreas. ( He was a very gentle spirit full of love and kindness, and simply wanted to spread joy and cheer to people, although he also had the same power that would make me faster. (Not to mention that something happened to Rudolph that made him more powerful. We teamed up and he went inside my body. And while things are a lot better now at the North Pole, since the elves now just use December to work for Christmas again, that Christmas Virus is still causing chaos in the world and making Christmas less and less magical..."


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