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PKMN: Grass Starters

First of three super-last-minute prints for Fanime!
Another amazing collaborative work by *finni and ~zimmay, featuring the lovely grass starter Pokemon~
Ironically, we started these illustrations in like March... but didn't get around to finishing until now (my fault!) fff Zim draws the CUTEST Bulbasaur ever.

More Pokemon collaborative artwork!

Pencils, flats, background -- ~zimmay
Inks, colors, SPECIAL EFFECTS -- *finni

We passed this file back and forth so many times, at one point it became a 100+MB file and I don't even-

Pokemon © Nintendo, Game Freak.
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© 2011 - 2021 finni
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Do you take commission?
TheGentlepanda's avatar
Adorable! ^^ I have also created a cute flat illustration that's what brought me here.
An adorable little apple illustration! (w/ tut) by TheGentlepanda
Chagon's avatar
Now that's what I'm talking about.
Great job. (:
GameTagger457's avatar
I just realized they're all reptiles o_0
KawaiiWonder's avatar
DoodleKnots's avatar
I call dips for turtwig!!!
I want turtwig ^ W ^
I just like how he looks ride-able and he has a tree in his final evolution!
So I imagine he might grow apples or something or cherries.
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CHIKORITA!Chikorita4 Chikorita4 Chikorita4 Chikorita4 Chikorita4 Chikorita4 Chikorita4 Chikorita4 Chikorita4 
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Uhmmm I think someone might have stolen your art...…
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Hi! I love your art  so much but I have some really bad news for you.
I was checking around some swedish stores and found out a company is using this picture on their mugs and selling them.
You can check it out here:…

I can even see they are using lots of other artists art on their products without crediting them at all.

Im trying right now to find everyone which arts have been printed and sold without their knowing.

I hope you have a great day and keep making more awesome art!
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I managed to finally get the chance to frame this recently on my wall. All I gotta say is this artwork is absolutely PERFECT for framing. Massive kudos to you both for this piece!
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Super cute. I pick grass type most of the time
dgytc11's avatar
Love it! Needs an update though, eh :3 
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Wow they are cute! I love Chikorita and Snivy, they're the only two girlish starter pokemon.
Peacelover2's avatar
aww you make me miss them :D
BlueYusei's avatar
Treecko is my favourite!
PoltergeistForever's avatar
I love grass pokemon :-)
runawaymintyg3's avatar
Snivy and Bulbasaur FTW!
Dark-Coco's avatar
aww, so cute. :3
Role121EXE's avatar
Bulba!!! Triko!!! :squee:
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