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Lucina's Wish


Thanks for everyone who watched me paint (and bluescreen on) this piece on Livestream! I’m really getting comfortable with a new method for painting and it’s made the process very enjoyable. Lucina is such a serious, determined character that it makes her support conversations with Morgan as a sibling all the more hilarious.

Prints available here | Part of "Invisible Ties" anthology

Illustration by Finni Chang
Fire Emblem: Awakening © INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS/Nintendo.

LoZ: One Last Song by finni Eeveelution by finni Basilio's Last Stand by finni Invisible Ties by finni
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© 2013 - 2021 finni
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I have a copy of this on my wall! I bought it at an anime convention a few years ago. 😁
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Nice job doing this! a brilliant job indeed! do more alright? 
DarkPaladin6469's avatar
I'm so glad I started following you again...I changed accounts and couldn't remember all of those I followed in the past
Joel-DarkStar's avatar
Just absolutely amazing! You did a fine job. I love Lucina.
xTreefin's avatar
been looking for this forever! I bought this print at Sakura-Con Last year and I could not for the life of me remember the artist... so glad I found your dA! Your art is amazing! Though I just now realized that you have a watermark... Well I feel dumb haha ^-^;>
DarkXYZdrawer98's avatar
She is the best F.E. Girl ❤
MinjiChoiArt's avatar
This is gorgeous!
DarkDibujos123's avatar
wow it is beautiful
ActuallyAndroid's avatar
Wow this is absolutely fantastic!!!
leannetran's avatar
This is beautiful! I love the shading.
Khid's avatar
Omg my sister went to fanime this year and she bought this print along with a bunch of others and I'm really jealous because they're really good and she didn't get me one afjwkfmlw
Glasiel's avatar
Such beautiful art of my favorite 3DS game *_*
2000C's avatar
What drawing program you use?
J25TheArcKing's avatar
Looks really beautiful and lovely. Lucina forever...!
TriforceChampion's avatar
Oh my gosh, awesome!!!
Danzilla1996's avatar

Excellent work!
VKliza's avatar
the colours are nice
ProtronRazoron's avatar
Looks pretty nice.
Emilighr2love's avatar
Can you do fire emblem Aimee next
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