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Digimon: Our War Game

By finni
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My favorite Digimon Adventure movie!! So intense! I totally ship Tai and Sora together so all of her actions in this movie made me go "HHNNGGGG" at the screen sora why

I got a lot of people saying I should watch Summer Wars too because I'm such a big fan of Our War Game, so I hope to watch that soon too~ I rewatched from the beginning up to the Dark Masters arc of Digimon Adventure while I was working on this and I have just... so... many feelings.........

My inspiration to draw this piece came from ~soltian with her recent Digimon Adventure tribute picture!! Go check it out --> [link]

Digimon Adventure © Toei Animation/Akiyoshi Hongo
Illustration by Finni Chang

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Great job.
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Awesome work loved this movie as a kid
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Sanny-SanaryHobbyist General Artist
haha~ I love how everyone is in stress but Mimi is having fun on the beach XD BEST MOVIE EVER! ♥
AND great artwork of course ;)
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PokeninjagirlHobbyist General Artist
I LOVED that movie as a kid. And I COMPLETELY agree with you on Sora in the movie. GOD, I wanted to SMACK her and scream "you STUPID BITCH!" at her. 0:09-0:13 of Mad Mad Mario described my feelings PERFECTLY. All of that over a HAIR-CLIP?! The internet, no the WORLD was at stake an you're concerned about a stupid HAIR-CLIP?! But I don't hate her as a character. ONLY in the movie.
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PandanamanStudent Traditional Artist
lol Joe
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I'm waitching the Movie in You tube,I like when many people are watching the battle.
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This is my favourite movie too :D
There's jsut something with the digital aspects of it with the computers that simply do it for me :D
DGMN4EVER's avatar
you might think that it would be the real film cover. A masterful work!^^
StormGlaceon's avatar
This Digimon movie was awesome! Totally agree that it is a favourite. :)
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Best Digimon movie ever. Period! Ah yes, Summer Wars totally reminded me of the Digimon Movie^^
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GREAT PIC! I know how you feel in regards to sora (and tai!). I love that movie so much, I still remember watching it as a kid and I was so excited when the video cassette came out...since then I've watched it in 3 languages :D 
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Ashen-PhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally agree. Best of the Digimon movies for me. :highfive: Great work with the art style.
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Sorain26Student General Artist
Excellent job drawing this. I see your style as well as the movie's drawing style. Very nice.
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ARTabstractionStudent Digital Artist
YESSS! Digimon! :D
I seriously love how you've drawn their faces... and I need your compositional skills lol. GIMME. 
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this is awesome on so many levels! great job. one of my favorite digimon pics
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That is fabulously epic. :) I love how dynamically you've worked everyone into the shot! This was always my favourite digimon movie, too. 
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ive have summer wars! such a cute movie. 

this picture! the ultimateness that was the first half the digimon movie. after they beat diaboro i stood up in the theatere and ready go home after feeling satisfied of the ending. noo they do another time skip and we get two movies in one! XD
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RokRush88Hobbyist Writer
Awesome.  Especially since you outlined Omegamon in red, like they did in the movie.  Nice attention to detail!
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DevkyuProfessional General Artist
Me and my friend both got one of these as prints during Otakon. Seriously, it goes AWESOME on the wall.
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finniProfessional Digital Artist
Thank youuuu ;w;
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Tai doesn't look right... His face is too, broad...

Other then that critic, it is a good image.
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xYaminogamexProfessional Digital Artist
I forever will never understand why tai sora didnt happen...
ALSO SO CUTE. i love this movie too
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i was wondering the same thing i mean Sora/Matt came out of nowhere to me even thought i have watched the original japaneses version i just couldnt bring myself to ship Sorato.
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