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Flower Vine

I think the idea of a flower and cool abstract vines like this would make some sort of cool tattoo.. possibly going up the side of a girls back or something? lol. It took me about 3 hours to draw just that.
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Thank you very much for your stock ! I use this for this work: [link]
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i really love this one ^^
i hope its okie hat i used it here [link]
:) i cant draw flowers like that >w< so gj xD
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I think that would look cool if you made a border of that then drew a sugar skull in the middle XD.
Very nice! My next tattoo will actually be some what along that line. Only with more vines. Hopefully it will a rap around from shoulderblade to ribs to frount hip all along my right all I need in the money to cover it. But very well done, it will mean alot more to you since you drew it
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beautiful design! i rate it :star: :star: :star:
:star: :star:s! :)
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Really beautiful! You did a perfect job with the flowers ^^
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Very beautifull, it's even inspired me to create something of my own. I myself am a scultper and make figures and Jewery... but I can pick which I'd like to make your flower to bett =^-^=
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if you do make it you should take a picture so i can see! =D
&thank you, i appreciate it.
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that is really pretty!
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I think it's really cool. If I wanted a large tattoo, I'd get that on my back. :)
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Thanksss. In the future I think I acutally might take my design to a tattoo parlor and get something along the lines of this down the side of my back.
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good job
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Thank you, I appreciate it! =)
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