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Christmas visit

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What do you mean "it's too early for Christmas art"? Nonsense. 

I believe Chaotix has a very warm relationships with Cream and Vanilla and decided to draw them together. I was inspirated by Molly Weasley from "Harry Potter" who was also knitting sweaters for her family and their friends. I find it very sweet :3

Vector the Crocodile, Vanilla the Rabbit, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao (c) Sega Games Company Limited Icon ultramini 1/2Sega Games Company Limited Icon ultramini 2/2 Sonic Team (wordmark,1998-) Icon ultramini 1/2Sonic Team (wordmark,1998-) Icon ultramini 2/2 
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Omg Espio is so freaking cuteee!! And Cheese on the floor just flopped in the big sweater is just ADORABLE! The others are so cute aswell!! ^^ I love it

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Where's the mistletoe?
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This is a cute Xmas picture.

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I love Vector and Vanilla, they're such a cute couple.
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Just out of curiosity, is Shard going to wake up and meet Stripes someday?

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Aww love this.

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Poor Cheese, he can't fly with that sweater on him.

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Yeah, but his expression is cute
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Omg Cuties ^^:heart:

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Hmmm, methinks a ship is incoming :D

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Aww, so sweet 💕

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Vecnilla and Chaream

how cute

Espio face:laugh:

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Awwwwww!!!! TTwTT

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Too Cute

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How cute! Espio is wearing a purple sweater with a heart in the middle, just like the one he has on his chest !! That's why he's a little nervous ...

Uzu-no-Kaze's avatar

Vector and Espio's faces, though :D

Looks so good, awesome work!

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Too precious!

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Embrace holiday glee you will me giggling like little kids so help me said Creams mom

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Aww, merry early Christmas!
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Ha! Love Cheese in the sweater falling! Everything else is quite fine!

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