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Salaam and hello. I haven't posted any drawing here lately since I didn't do any huge artwork so far. I just post them on my instagram/finieramos and my facebook page.

I am so busy and I am really sorry for that. And to be honest, I do missed my drawing block and sketches so much. I feel like I want to cry so hard. So many urgent things to do. Websites, recordings, digital designs and many other things. My life schedule have changed since I got married. Marriage life is so pack (and of course wonderful too). Many responsible to be look after and countless moments with habibi.

Hope you all just stick here and keep up a good work everyone! 
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An interviewer asked me if I draw myself. Then I received a same comment asking the same question. Do I look like my drawing or does my drawing looks like me?
Hahah.. I don't know. I don't draw myself. I just draw a girl from my imagination. Big round eyes with long eye-lashes and stuff and I don't think that's me.
Or maybe I'm copying the girl from my imagination on myself? Well, maybe. I think that's the closest fact among all. Heheh..
Salam everyone...
I'm thinking write a graphic-novel about 'life of a hijabi' girl. Like what is the propose of wearing hijab, how the girl face her community and how she build her self-esteem for being a hijabi.

So, to make this graphic-novel done, I need your inspiring stories and ideas for this story. I will combine all your stories to make a story of a girl.

Feel free to be part of my project to spread the Hijabi love all around the world! InsyaAllah!
Salam! I finally managed to change my instagram setting to publish straight away to my official facebook page.
I don't always do a fully-finished artwork lately and post it here in DA since I'm so busy with other stuff at work and in my real life.
So most of the time I'll just doodle around anywhere and post it on my instagram.
Feel free to follow my official instagram and get all my latest doodles and artwork and even some of
my daily life from my phone's lenses..

Don't worry, I don't always post my 'camwhoring' or 'foodwhoring' photos there. Hope you enjoy!

Ps: Thanks to ALL my friends that really support me when I'm down. I love you all so much!
Without you, I might not be smiling or even cheer up as today. Thanks to Allah swt for giving me
such a wonderful friend!

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I feel so terrible lately. All these crazy stuff are getting messy and messy. People act st*pid and I can't take this anymore.
It seems like I don't have place to go and no shoulder to cry on. Everything is biting me off and it so painful.

Please take me away from all these madness. I'm tired.
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Salam everyone..

I haven't update any artwork since last December. I am currently in a very-very-very busy mode. I got tons of work to do at work, urgent freelance projects and some other personal project that I have to do for my 'big' day, InsyaAllah by end of this year.

I haven't update my facebook page cover (… ) and I really-really miss you all a lot! I cannot promise when will I put up my latest work but InsyaAllah I'll do my best.

Please pray for the peace of our earth. May Allah bless everyone!


Finie Ramos
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I sold my most favorite phone and get a new one with upgraded apps... Ugh, i'm gonna miss that old phone forever...

Have you ever love something but you have to let it go for your own good sake? That's what i feel now. It feels so horrible but have no choice..what a childish..

🔫 Htc chacha

I like android with keypad. I just hate touchscreen phone.
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I just can't stop it!
Ugh, I know its wrong
But I stare away as you look towards me

I hope this moment will last longer
I'm sorry,
I just too afraid to tell you.
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Its weird and complicated

They're here
When I have a 'bad-outfit-day'!

I'm stuck
and I can't smile at all!
I'm giving up now!
Why do I have to wait things
That I don't even dare to handle?

Maybe I'm too much now
So I need to stop before
Things can't be control

Let's draw and have fun!
Okay, tell me your opinion here.

What if one day in a nice beautiful morning,
A stranger sit next to you in the bus
and say 'hi' to you
and gave you a self-drawn portrait of yourself
and the person said he/she done it to you
While watching (stalking?) you in the bus
since couple of months ago

The person were pretty adorable (pfft)
and kind and sweet and friendly
and talk to you nicely...

But he/she also draw another version of you
with him/her
but with guns in both hands
with a message 'If only Guns were used to show Love, count how many people are being loved' on it

Will you freak out?
Will you afraid and phobia to ride the bus again?
And will swear to God that you
Will never ever gonna see the person again?

I'm more comfortable with you here
Than those in my Facebook

I love how we talk about our arts
And love each other's colors

I adore how awesome you play with your imaginations
and I so happy how you accept mine too

I don't care who you are
Where you from
or what are you...

Art unite us all here

Although we never met
But this is crazy
So here's my Skype
So add me maybe.. :3
Just add my skype : and let's talk about arts and stuffs! <3
I guess that's all for now
I can't take it anymore.

Mission completed
and I don't have to level up...

I quit before everything mess up

I'm just too scared
That you might ruin up my life

So let's stay away
Just like before.

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I can't stop looking for you every morning!
Thinking of you is the very first thing
I did every time I start my day.
And when I see you there,
I feel the butterfly...

I just want to know your name..
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You are just a drawing,
But you are so real,
I got butterfly each time I look at you,
At your painted face and empty eyes...

*Mengalir laju mengisi darah sukma ku
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I saw them everyday in the bus
On my way to work
Every morning going to the same road

I don't know who are they
But they seems so interesting in my head
and in my dream

So I draw a piece of memory of you two
Right on my drawing paper
Since I have no nerve to steal a single shoot of you
Even if I try to hide my lens away from you
Both of you

Will I have a chance to say hello
Or just a single honest smile
to both of you

How long should I pretend not to stare
and will this last like this forever
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  • Playing: my head
I can never really tell you why
I've been missing you a lot
And I just have to take another look of your photo in my wallet
Ad there's no reason why I keep your tshirt by my side when I sleep
Pretending you were never really gone

Its like a missing star that always ends up in your sky
Its like the rainbow never comes after the rain
Its like the sun never rises in every of your morning
How am I supposed to live without those things
they are all you
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Just being in love.
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Mon Oct 3, 2011, 8:44 PM
I really can't stop thinking of them and chase them in every dreams I had each nights.
How I really wish I could be one of them.

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