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It's been almost 4 years since I've updated this journal.  I suppose it's been just as long since I've submitted a deviation.  I'm ashamed of myself for letting my passion for art and photography go unattended for so long.  I do have some material in the vault, so expect to see it posted in the upcomming weeks.  It's unbelievable how much things have changed in the last 4 years.  Been around the world and back...met and lost some friends...fell in and out and in love.  Crazy.

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Just got back from visiting my family back home in Philly.  Took a few rolls of the city, so be on the look out for them over the next few weeks.

Ok ok, I know It's been a long time since I submitted anything.  (Thanks for noticing, Bri.)  I promise from this day forward that I will provide a greater contribution to this wonderful land of deviant art.

Another weekend in Biloxi.  It gets better every time.  Makes me a little sad that it's gonna be another few weeks before I'm able to get back there.  Why is it that you tend to find someone special when you least expect it and when it's least convenient?

P.S. Prediction: The Eagles will win the Super Bowl.
Spent the weekend in Biloxi visiting a new friend.  While the friend was at work, I was able to get some alone time with my camera.  Today's submittions are the result.  

I hope my new friend becomes a good friend.  She has the potential.
I've got a new favorite place to visit.  It used to be Boston.  Now, it's New Orleans.  I love the jazz, the food, the women...
What more do you need in life?


P.S. Oh yeah, there are a lot of good photos waiting to be taken in N.O. too.  I'll bring my camera next time.
Just got back from a long night out.  I think I like the "idea" of going out and drinking more than anything else.  Not that I don't enjoy crowded bars and clubs, but I just feel like there are better things I could be doing.  Plus, I end up spending way too much money.

And now I have nothing to show for it.

"I can't beat him. But that don't bother me. The only thing I want to do is to go the distance, that's all. Because if that bell rings and I'm still standing, then I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I wasn't just another bum from the neighborhood."

Some days there are so many potential photos out there.  Some days nothing is interesting enough.  Today was one of the latter.  I wish I were home (philly) where there is a beautiful photo waiting to be taken everywhere you look.  
Maybe it should be "photograph drunk, photoshop sober"
You learn the most about yourself when you least expect it.
Think I'll get away from the digital world and head out with my Minolta.  New black and white shots coming soon.