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The Guild fan art

I love The Guild. Go watch it! [link]
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Heya! Using this as the profile pic over at [link]

Linked your DA account here!
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The Guild is awsome, XD high five for knowing about The Guild..
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I love this! It's so well drawn and the color scheme is gorgeous. Beautiful depiction of The Guild.
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love this series
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<3 This picture. Is fantastic.
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Ohmyword, this may be my favorite picture of their characters EVAR. You perfectly capture their personalities! Well done! XD
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I love the guild too!! Its a great show.
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They are in Nagrand.

Where to see 'The Guild':

And for Guild news: [link]
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The greatest show to ever grace the net! Felicia Day's writing is a work of genius and the co-stars carry her comedy to the point where we can't stop laughing.
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I like the way Codex looks... Plus she has good hair. ;)
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Season 4 is out and playing now! XD I love it!!
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I looooove it!! :heart:
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beauuuuutiful !
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You got all the characters perfect! <3
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the blue rose was a nice touch
the moneybag also
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Great pic, it has so much personality!
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Nice fan art.
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I love how the bald guy turned out. Nice work!
I love tinkerballa and Bladezz interaction. amazing show!
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LOL! Vork is totally ripped! NIIIIIICE!!!

Also, the blue rose was genius! Being that it was only mentioned once in the beginning of season 1, most people tend to forget about it. So it was a very awesomness touch!

Not to mention, I totally :heart: the look on Bladzz's face! Epic win!
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