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Robo and Rocketeer

Robo and Rocketeer
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allenpinney's avatar
Oh yeah! I'd read the heck out of this!
Gardboyz-Productions's avatar
I just thought of these guys being in something together! Granted, my vision had Indiana Jones and Captain America as well, but this is nice!
iinov8's avatar
love the style! :D
Enrico1946's avatar
that's gotta be awesome if the join..
Oh my God are they actually planning to do this crossover??
colebooze's avatar
Two of my favorite characters ! Awesome job man
realmattman's avatar
one of the things which I love about your work is how consistant your styles are. Once again you've put together some fantastic work! :)
Demon971's avatar
Awesome, Rocketeer FTW!
TehWritingGenie's avatar
Bug-eyed defenders of SCIENCE! and TECHNOLOGY!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
lol. I approve! Very well done! :D
unrenderedmedia's avatar
BEST PIC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RPDOfficer's avatar
This. I don't even.

I'll just favorite because I can't make words to thing.
SonGoharotto's avatar
Two fisted tales of adventure!
slicedm0nkey's avatar
It was awesome watching you draw this zack!
gman2092's avatar
Yesh... atomic robo FTW
bombashuti's avatar
Dude, awesome!

Made my day man.
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