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PAX Nuka Break Announcement

We're going to be at PAX next week! Here's the info!
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It was a great series.

Deserved better though.
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Nice art! Love the series, wish a network would pick it up...
Cool. Looking forward to see season 2. I wanted to ask, what font did you use for the nuka cola wording?
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Hey guys, they are looking for $60,000 for their second season of the web series here: [link]
KursedRamone's avatar
Oh my f*cking god i love this series. :la:
DanosaurusWrecks's avatar
I love this series, but there's one thing that bugs the hell out of me. No Ghoul has hair THAT nice.
manutdfan1966's avatar
Awesome job mate and absolute amazing job with the series keep it up (Just imagining the excitement on twigs face when he gets hold of a nuka cola victory or quarts :D )
unicornjesse's avatar
hurry up with the next episode! lol
celenegood's avatar
I love watching this series on YouTube <3
MidnightFrog's avatar
oh yeah, I saw that a little while ago on youtube. Great job my friend
AngelicAdonis's avatar
That's really awesome man! Very well done! Love the poses and the outfits! :D

What's your fave Fallout?
Nacho-Monster's avatar
I seriously can't wait for the series!
Doan84's avatar
damn Zack, I had no idea you did something else aside from YT vids with IM.
I saw this drawing and somehow felt that he looked like you.
Damn my instincts are good!
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....well.....what is the series about dude!?
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The Fallout: Nuka Break fan film is now becoming a fan-driven webseries.

Check out Fallout: Nuka Break here: [link]
And info on the upcoming webseries: [link]
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Freakin' awesome! Can't wait for the series to start. Best money I've donated. :D
emptysamurai's avatar
I am on pins and needles for the series. and not JUST because I want to see my prop designs on screen! thinking of making a few vault 10 prop label I.e. Jerky-beef flavored, candy bar wrapper, etc.
faduki's avatar
This just makes me want to see the series right now. All of it.
beef1996's avatar
And the picture is awesome!
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