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Yep, classic red for Leo.
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First seing this was a mind F*** to me lol.
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I see you went for the IDW look. Leonardo has always looked great in red.
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If only the coming series can be this good...
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Dang. Just dang.
deathbylackofmusic's avatar
Wow, this is sick! Great job!
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I like the IDW TMNT comics, but I hate the multi-colored masks. Go Leo!
Anyuna-Osumanon's avatar
Really great perspective work.
JFudo's avatar
at first i was like: "wait that isn't roght"
but then i was like: "ooooh i get it, the original leo"
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Go LEO!! i was like go raphie but he has katanas and its leo sooo go leo YAY!!
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Leo was blue. Raphael was red. idk if you did it on purpose I just thought I'd comment to let you know (if you didn't already)
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Just so you know, in the Mirage Comic series (the first serie for TMNT) all four turtles had red bandanas. only in later installments did the colors change. Just so you know
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Ah okay. My bad.
TheNewDoctor2142's avatar
No problem man, it's pretty arcane knowledge
helbigj23's avatar
But it still looks amazing.
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What the New Doctor said. :)
helbigj23's avatar
My bad, sorry Zack. I was unaware.
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I agree... SWEET!! Reminds me of back in the day when I had original comics for TMNT.
TheNewDoctor2142's avatar
Just watched you make it, it was awsome
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