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Giles vs Ben

He's the same person!
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Hehe! And people ask "Who will win?" when they should clearly know that neither of them will! Aaron G. and Ben wouldn't be able to coexist, thus causing a "same mass meltdown," disappearing into nothingness, which in turn would create chaos, and in the end all of their fans would be devastated!! Myself included!! :ohnoes:

But then again, this isn't Timecop. It's Fallout-freaking-Nuka-awesome-Break! :iconvaultboyplz:
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Hey guys, they are looking for $60,000 for their second season of the web series here: [link]
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To be continued... =)
seairra117's avatar
who will win, a man or a man in a mask? probably theguy with a flaming sword
NoGodsorKingsOnlyMan's avatar
I wonder who will win?
TheNewDoctor2142's avatar
Hmm, cantancerous asshole badass ghoul vs. badass actor that makes the ghoul the ghoul. I feel chuck norris vs. Bruce Lee coming on.
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Cool! And one has a Shishkabab no less! :D
QUESTIONno-8's avatar
this will not end well.
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Ben with the shishkebab and what is the name of the sword Aaron Giles is using?
Sweat pic man.
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Well if it's Fallout related it seems like the katana the put in with the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC. If not then it could be anything out of my knowledge.
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I know! Totally trippy man...
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