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My favorite attack.
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Killing art!
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i realy like this one :D kudos!
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Always feels badass.
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AGH!!! Zack you are amazing!! XD I wish I could have seen you do this, but the finished piece is awesome
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havorite adion to the game in AC II X] and this is just awesome
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It was super amazing getting to watch you draw these! I was so sad that I had to leave, because your art is so amazing and it was brilliant getting to watch you draw! ;u; I had an awesome time watching for the 5-6 hours I was able to! ;u;
And seeing this complete, it looks so amazing, And it was truely awesome getting to watch you draw it : D

Oh, and don't draw on the blue layer ;D
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WHOOT!! Sorry i had to leave, but it was dinner time!! I love it :) Going to get a print made as a Christmas Present! Thanks ZacH! OH and Don't draw on teh blue Layer! You can lock that layer ya know ;)
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Great attack.

Was awesome to watch it being drawn.
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Zack, dont draw on the blue layer.
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Badass as always.

Zach finfrock you are amazing.
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