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Computer Basics Class

Here I am, sitting in my Computer Basics class and I'm bored BRAINLESS.


I don't think I have a brain left.
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Know the feeling dude, Game Art major...

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Clearly yeh haven't tried a course called Business Strategy... that'll kill yah dead it will : T
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Heh, all photoshop.
carlospita's avatar
{slips & falls on Zack's brain matter} [THUMP!!]

fullthrottle's avatar
hahahaha thats priceless, and I know how you feel from when I did that course...
GameforLife's avatar
Oh, I've had days like that...
Calco's avatar
Love your style man, what did you do this in?
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Vixenavenger's avatar
Too bad, Dude. Hey not much longer, you'll be spending your days playing video games and being lazy with me. Life just doesn't get any better than that. Or does it? lol
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yea I KNOW the clas sucks dude!!!
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Is that the class where they teach you how to use Internet Explorer?
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Yep. That shit is hard. How I learned how to use it without this class is BEYOND me.
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Damn that looks a lot like me :-P
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Hm, I don't particularly fall for the lettering, it doesn't seem to flow well with the rest of the image.

But otherwise, very nice. Basic classes suck.
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With the basic class comes basic photoshop. I didn't have any of my cool fonts I have on my own computer.
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