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Doomguy low on health

Doomguy is low on health, hope he makes it..!
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gimmie a sec. im thirsty.
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THIS IS AMAZING! I love the style of the art work.
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Thank you! Good to hear. :) Looks like he needs all the love he can get, right? ;)
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very nice work indeed, do you take commissions? (free) =)
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Thank you! Uhm, not free, no. I feel like I've done enough free work. :p
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Drink da potion, doomguy
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Ha! This reminds me of something that happened yesterday. My son asked for halo 5. I didn't have much money and so I told him this:if you can beat doom 100% on the hardest difficulty then I'll get halo 5. He couldn't get past e1m1. It was hilarious. He just kept screaming about how this game is a ripoff of cod because it is about a marine and you shoot things. He also screamed about how it is a game for "gay ass niggers" because it had no auto heal. He eventually made it to a point where he said that it was for fags because no waypoints and plot had demons instead of terrorists. Really says something about modern shooters. Fps games used to allow exploration and focused on gameplay over plot. Now they fill your health for you and practically play the game for you.
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Beat Doom with 100% on hardest difficulty? Man, that's cruel. It is practically impossible for anyone. The kid never had a chance. I guess, he never had it even on easy, lol. Auto
heal, sheesh...
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I know. I fucking love watching him fail. He still hasn't beat the first episode. While he was asleep I modded it with brutal doom. Good luck getting halo in the next century Johnny!
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I can't even get past Episode 2 on Hurt Me Plenty. If he made it, he would be a national hero.
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He can't get past E1M4 on the easiest difficulty even on vanilla doom. This is still fun as fuck. I have put it on project brutality now. He dies ever more frequently now. I laughed my ass off when a hell knight jumped at him and he died immediately. One thing I can say is he is stubborn as fuck. He still hasn't gave up. For my sake I'm hoping he doesn't give up any time soon. This is fucking hysterical.
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Here is an idea

mod it with Project Brutality and set the difficulty to Hurt Me Plenty. Boot it with the Doom 2 WAD and tell him the only thing this has to do with Doom 1 is how it looks.

Since the rifle and shotgun have aim-down-sights it might be more likely that he likes it.

He hates it, you get to watch the brat bitch and moan about a game infinitely better than cod. He likes it, you dont have to buy halo 5.
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Yep. Either way I probably won't have to buy it. He likes it and I don't have to buy halo. He doesn't and he dies again and again and I still don't have to buy it. 
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I like the way you think. Any other mods to make his life in Doom absolute hell? 
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You can get Doom 4 4 Doom, the mod that pretty much 1:1 ports the gameplay style of Doom 2016 into the gzdoom source port.

That, plus the Hell on Earth starter pack megawad, and the Doom 2016 soundtrack, might be the kind of fun that makes you completely fucking infuriated but in the good way.

The maps in that pack are fucking devious I tell you. Either gonna make the kid not be a little bitch anymore in the sense that he will like hard games in the way most of us do, or it will make him rage even more because the gameplay is modern but he still sucks.
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Zank u, zir! Hey, you commented on my birthday.. Doublethanks! ;)
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This is really neat :) And  that imp is huge! La la la la 
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