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DooM - Horror of a Hundred Cyberdemons!

Iiiiyeah, title pretty much sez it! Doomguy has quite a challenge.. 100 Cyberdemons.. Or maybe more! :O
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The eyes are so derpy
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O___O Oh, my god! This is insane! There should at least be a hundred thousand cyberdemons ganging up on Doomguy if they want to win! Now, he's just gonna rip and tear until it's done - and he'll pretty much have a hundred CD meat-pies by the time he's done.:D
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"I'm a bad man! How bad? REAL bad!"
"I have a hand-full of vertabrae and a head full of mad!"
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Doomguy: "You don't seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with ME."
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meh, i have done it, they just end up shooting each other and i run away...
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I don't think Cybers can infight.
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try it for yourself, play the original doom or doom 2 (the remake from 2016 doesnt have any other demons around during the Cyberdemon fight)
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then just get them accidentally shoot each other, they got Goddamned missiles so its not that hard 
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I already tested that before...They don't react at all, and they don't lose any health.
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install the sargent mark v's brutal doom mod, then it should work
mlgquickscoper2's avatar
...You should of fucking said that before, not everybody plays BD.
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That's quite a gamble, but alright!
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I forgot to mention I died 200 times before they killed each other 
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Well, you know the drill: "Shoot them until they die"
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Yeah, that is the drill!
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Konoko88's avatar least it will be a quick death. XD
Nice art!
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For the cyberdemons?
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It wouldn't be fair otherwise
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All I can think of is the level in Doom II where you walk into a room full of Barons of Hell and one Cyberdemon. Always thought they were having some kind of secret meeting, and this captures that feeling of "Oh s%#@! They spotted me!"
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As i hate being a cheater.. guess in some moments like this youll need God Mode here prepared with a BFG10K !!! (not bfg9000)
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