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Brutal Doom

I loved Brutal Doom the second I played it.. I have played it for hours. Hours! Which I have also used on this piece. Hours. :D
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What i play when i get mad!
Extreme gore guaranteed since MAP01!!
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I just got this epic mod and have been playing it almost all day. I can't wait for tomorrow.
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Yeah, it's pretty awesome.. :D
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oh shit! this is awesome!
Rip and tear!  Rip and tear!  Rip and tear!
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"I'm a bad man! How bad? REAL bad!"
"Who's a man and a half? I'm a man and a half!"
"I'm a twelve on a ten point scale of badness"
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I just have one slight qualm about Brutal Doom - the Baron of Hell and the Hell Knight should have GREEN blood.
That besides, this is truly an excellent remake of the game. :D
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Hah, yeah I know.. Maybe adding another blood color would be a lot of work or something..? Idontknow.
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Sign of evil is playing in my head.
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Brutal Doom kicks ASS. I have played DOOM I and DOOM II Hell on Earth with the Brutal Mod, and am now playing TNT Evilution with it. Makes the game harder and more challenging to play.

Great job depicting the game here! :D That's just epic!
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I've played thru pretty much everything Doom with the Brutal Mod. Killer! :D
And thank you!
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This hasn't caught my eye...WHY THE FUCK HASN'T THIS CAUGHT MY EYE!?

Brutal Doom has committed the greatest sin to Doom's history....YOU WON'T WANT TO PLAY THE ORIGINAL DOOM AFTER YOU GET THIS!!
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Perhaps you didn't look hard enough..? :p
You are right tho, normal doom gets pretty dull after a couple hours of Brutal doom..
I'm not the only one who noticed it?
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No shit :b but I found it now so...w/e..

Iunno about that though....normal doom is still cool and all, I mean its not limited to just a PC exclusive after all but brutaldoom amps everything up about doom and makes it stand out.
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This picture is amazingly hardcore. This could be the cover art for a heavy metal album. Or the box art of Brutal Doom if it were a commercial game.

I like how busy and hectic the composition is. It perfectly captures the frantic,  fast-paced gameplay of the mod.
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Thanks, I really appreciate that! I wanted it to kind of look like a high-res ingame screenshot.. So I used the look of the actual monstersprites, level, exitdoor and so on, not re-designing much.
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One of the best mods I've seen for any game. Ever.
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That's just how I imagined the Doom movie should have looked.
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Hah, me too! I was really disappointed that nothing recognizable from Doom and Doom 2 was in it.. I expected pink monsters, double barrel shotguns and green marines! But no..
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