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Deviant Art as i am discovering is home to various forms of art but one area i am fascinated with is comic book super hero's and of the films we may or not  have grown up with back in the days of when we were young Giggle Giggle How many of you were either born during the 50's 60's 70's or even the 80's answers below on a postcard,any way moving on when seeing say a film like Superman or Starwars 

Did you want to have your bedroom done up with matching wallpaper lampshade curtains and bedspread of your favorite movie star or superhero,and how many of you liked reading comics ? only to wish one day that you could draw as good as those who created these comics.

Inspiration plays a big part in how we go about creating the kind of art that i will be sharing with you below,as a child Giggle  i was very much into the early Batman and Robin,Tintin,Biggles,Battlestar Galactica Star Trek,Knight Rider The A-Team and so on, i would love to hear from the artists that i will be featuring in finding out what were their favorite films books or even comics back in the days of when they were growing up,so lets sit back and enjoy what's below

       Knight Rider by theFranchize    Knight rider by hyperactive122986
       Knight Rider 8x10 by valarycAirwolf: Season Two by Artdigital Airwolf Flys With Plans Behind by Jeffrey-Scott
       Futurama at the Movies - Back to the Future by Spider-MattBack to the Future the Game by HarryBana
       Back to the future by t1na To The Future by cici-chi

     Marker : Iron Man rehash by KidNotorious
     Iron man by jiugeXmen evo id by xmen-evolutionclassic xmen by gen2k
                    STORM XMEN or X-MEN by DSNGUltimate FF and Xmen by EdMcGuinness

             Fantastic Four commission by bennyfuentesUlt. Fantastic Four 50 p1 by BlondTheColoristUltimate Fantastic Four 58 p18 by BlondTheColoristThe Fantastic Four by Kaufee
                   Avengers by BalthaZarDragonAvengers by Montygog
                           The Avengers by commando-kevAVENGERS by earache-J

       Wonder Woman by jamietyndallWonder Woman No. 610 by AlexGarnerWonder Woman No. 602 by AlexGarner
                   hulk by SBraithwaiteHULK SMASH! by AtzinaghyThe Hulk by CValenzuela
                Spectacular Spiderman cvr 17 by EldelgadoSpiderman by ArzuzaSpiderman by Pertheseus
       Spiderman by AndyFairhurstspiderman by ravishingdevil

Star Trek Kirk Spock by choffman36Star Trek USS Enterprise by HideyoshiStar Trek - Spock by caldwellart
Star Trek 2009 wallpapers by rehsupCLASSIC STAR TREK 1 by Jerome-K-MooreStar Trek by AlexBuechel

Space: 2099 / Episode 3a: Castaways by AbaKonSPACE:1999 AFTERSHOCK AND AWE: OFFICIAL COVER by blamventures
Space: 1999 Collage of Martin and Barbara by KorraFarronSpace 1999 poster by stick-man-11Space: 1999 Astronaut Patch by viperaviator

Galactica piece by jasonpalClassic Battlestar Galactica by gravitydsnBattlestar Galactica by Adobewan      Battlestar Galactica classic by Amedea

Tron by alltheoriginalnamesTron by FablePaint
Tron Legacy by rehsupTRON by JIM-SWEET
tron by parthpandya89Tron Legacy Wall by rehsup

Superman by sidSuperman by ValianceSuperman by Jackademus
Superman S-Shield Wallpaper by SUPERMAN3DSuperman (new 52) by: Jim Lee by SUPERMAN3DSuperman by stevegoad
Superman by alexanderstojanovSuperman (Christopher Reeve) Logo by SUPERMAN3D

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith by gattadonnastar wars sketch by bamboleo
Star Wars Lithograph by diablo2003Star Wars by jdesigns79
Faces:  Star Wars Saga by SteveAndersonDesign


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alltheoriginalnames's avatar
Excellent feature!, Great brain food, really brings back some childhood memories!
KorraFarron's avatar
Thanks for the feature, Andrew! I really do appreciate it!
By the way, You just happened to mention all of my favorites in one journal! :D
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
hope you enjoyed that feature
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
who knows i might do another feature
KorraFarron's avatar
Awesome! Can't wait to see it!
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earache-J's avatar
Great Scott!! thank you very much for the feature Andrew! :)
perselus's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :)
DriPoint's avatar
Great selection Andrew, must have taken you ages to assemble these. Some of them are slightly after my time though I do recognise them.

Space 1999, not seen that for a long time!

No Thunderbirds / Captain Scarlet / UFO - too 70's perhaps? :(
valaryc's avatar

Thanks for the feature. K.I.T.T. loves you too!




fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
you are most welcome Nick
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
deviant art being in hollywood is full of fan art movies and films from our childhood disney pixar and so on
Notvitruvian's avatar
Ahh, so many childhood memories :giggle: Great composition :clap:
Deb-e-ann's avatar
It's funny you've put this up as it's answered a question I had going round in my head the other night. I couldn't remember the name of 'Airwolf' and thought it was Airhawk. Now I know.
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
i had quite a bit of fun doing that journal and wanted to add other films programs i had seen like the fall guy blue thunder and of course the A Team will probably do another feature again at some point 
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