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Each month one of the moderators will select the work of a member who has a submission in our gallery for special attention in the form of an journal entry featuring that members work. This month we feature the extraordinary photography of:

his personal webside: www.kostaspavlis.net84.net/
his prints: www.theuntappedsource.com/kpav

Square, black and white, dark and expressive with a high contrast, - these are the attributes of Kostas photography, he is looking at the details and his pictures are everytime perfectly composed. I feel deepness and silence, someting magical keep my eyes imprisoned, like being part of this moment...
Kostas Pavlis, living in Greece, is a member of our group since january 2010, and I have ask him for some own personal words to his work and so I am glad to present a short selfrepresentation in the following article.

"I started photography in 2006 but soon became a passion and an obsession that occupies a serious part of my life and has transformed in a way of expression and communication.

I spent the first two years taking a huge amount of photos with trees, sunsets, coasts, mountains, fields, buildings, streets etc, but there was always something missing. I was struggling to find this secret element that was absent from my shots, when I realized I was searching to the wrong direction. That the real problem in my photographs was something else. There was too much information. Too much color, too many elements that confused the eye. At the same time I got involved to some serious internet photography communities where I was introduced to the magic of the black and white photography and I also started to study the works of some of the great masters as Andre Kertez, Josef Sudek, Ansel Adams.

With time I realized that simplicity is what I was looking for. Simplicity and harmony derived from subtraction. The “less is more” approach became my goal. The square frame came naturally and the absence of color simplified the process and the result even more. Sometimes I use color and other frame formats, but I find black and white square to be closer to my visions.

Photography for me is a reason to get out, to travel, a way to create, to express, to see, to communicate, to feel, to heal.



In from the clouds II by kpavlis Path in the woods II by kpavlis Lonesome by kpavlis Pride by kpavlis Light by kpavlis

Light Touch by kpavlis Tomb by kpavlis The Triangle by kpavlis Boats by kpavlis Far Away by kpavlis
A Path of Light by kpavlis A Vision by kpavlis Scream by kpavlis Last light by kpavlis Waterfall by kpavlis

Walking in Monmartre by kpavlis Brain by kpavlis Blue Mosque by kpavlis Castle Walls by kpavlis Princess Dream by kpavlis
Nicki of Samothrace by kpavlis Going Down by kpavlis Waiting by kpavlis The watcher by kpavlis The Guard by kpavlis
Soul by kpavlis Agios Fanourios by kpavlis Lost by kpavlis Woman Figure by kpavlis Pigeons Attack by kpavlis

Any member of the group can curate an exhibition. Simply contact AlexandraB24 (or any other group Moderator or Contributor) with a theme and some thumbs. Exhibitions will be rotated monthly (more or less...).

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Excellent selection!