FineArt-Photography: Image Submission Requirements

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 18, 2010, 3:58 PM

Image Size:
All submitted images must measure AT LEAST 600 PIXELS IN THEIR LONGEST DIMENSION. Images which don’t meet this requirement will be rejected without consideration. You may or may not be notified in such cases, so check carefully before submitting.

Submission Limits:
Only members and moderators of the group may submit work for admission to the group collections. Group members may submit a maximum of ONE image per week. Group moderators and contributors may submit a maximum of TWO images per week, one of which can be the suggestion of another member's work.

Group moderators and contributors may also submit up to TWO, non-member works per week for admission to the group's "Favorites" collection.

For more information on the group's membership structure, please see the ABOUT US page.

In order for a member submission to be considered, the member making the submission must be the image's SOLE AUTHOR or part of a working COLLABORATION. In the case of moderator submitted images, the author or at least one member of a working collaboration must be a group member.

1) a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together in an intersection of common goals
2) the act of working jointly with another or others on a common enterprise or project
3) something created by working jointly with another or others

Any member of a creative collaboration (photographers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, set designers, 3rd party photo editors, etc.) may submit a photograph for consideration as long as ALL PARTIES IN THE COLLABORATION ARE CREDITED IN THE "ARTIST'S COMMENTS" SECTION.

For the purposes of this group, models and photographers are ALWAYS considered to work in collaboration and therefore MUST be given appropriate credit. No excuses, no exceptions. Images that, in the view of the voting panel, do not meet this requirement will not be considered for admission to the group galleries.

The use of generally available, 3rd party, stock photography, is NOT considered a collaborative effort, unless the piece of stock imagery was created specifically as part of the effort that created the submitted piece. Submissions using stock images that do not meet the above requirement for sole or collaborative authorship will NOT be considered for admission to the group galleries.

Mixed Media:
Work in which any NON-PHOTOGRAPHIC elements are added as part of the post-production process will be considered mixed media and will NOT be eligible for admission to the group’s photography galleries. Such elements include (but are not necessarily limited to):
1) computer generated imagery or renderings
2) non-photographic graphics, drawing, painting, etc.
3) text that is large or centrally placed enough to be considered an integral part of the work

Watermarks, titles and "signatures" are acceptable as long as they are kept SMALL AND UNOBTRUSIVE.

Manipulated Images:
1) move, arrange, operate, or control, by the hands or other means, especially in a skillful manner
2) handle in a way so as to mix, form, and/or shape
3) control to one's own advantage by especially by artful or indirect means

Images that have been manipulated WILL be eligible for admission to the group galleries without regard for the extent to which those manipulations are applied. Manipulations may be achieved via analog or digital processes and may alter the "reality" of the image (double exposure, cross and “alt” processing, hand tinting, solarization, texturization, HDR, etc.).

Composites, overprints and “sandwiched” images WILL be eligible for admission as long as all constituent elements meet the requirements outlined in the AUTHORSHIP and MIXED MEDIA sections of this document.

Photograms (photographic images made without a camera) WILL be eligible for admission to the group galleries, as will photographs where the illuminating radiation is something other than visible light.

Remember, any images which does not - for any reason - meet these requirements will be declined. You should not expect to be contacted if a non-conforming submission is declined, so being familiar with the requirements is in your own best interest. For more information on group policies, please read our FAQ at fineart-photography.deviantart…. If you have ANY questions regarding submission requirements (or any other topic), please don't hesitate to contact one of the moderators.

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