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Gallery Folders

Theta Vyrus by elftantra
the breakup by LikeBenjiReadingOvid
Girls in taxi by Andrewnewtonart
funny face by relaxeder
Fine Art Archive 11
Les compresseurs 26 by yanshee
Sunshine Superman Selfie by Art-of-Eric-Wayne
My Rock by RyckRudd
man by the sea by TMECE
Fine Art Archive 10
Femtree - Final Version by bfaupin
Kamezilla by soybeans
California Trippin` by MadKreem
Support Group by nevs89
Fine Art Archive 09
'TO LATE NOW' by bmessina
Jumping Spider by skeegoedhart
hex.VI.110 by IaAzathoth
ACEO #300 `Dreadful Ladies #3` series ed2 by MentisPenetralia
Fine Art Archive 08
Floating in the Subconscious. by Gorche
{Floating in the Subconscious.} by Gorche
devil's concubine by medusainfurs

Mature Content

Interpretation by ada-lena
Fine Art Archive 07
The Egg, Das Ei by StephanusEmbricanus
Eyes by EvilineMoonflesh
h1n1 by edelias
Pulp by PellucidMind
Fine Art Archive 06
Creation by JustinChristenbery
'Kitty Fight' by davidmacdowell
All you need is Love-part 2- by winona-adamon
First Born 2 by Face-Reality
Fine Art Archive 05
comet by antitianvs
Untitled by mmumiyo
W-out 0040 ' brokeandagain ' by W-out
Nothing to give any more by katiousa15
Fine Art Archive 02
Making Mr Miyagi Proud by emrerende
Absa Gueye by emrerende
Teknik Akil 1 by MeralSarioglu
Spotted by montiljo
Fine Art Archive 04
Paralell dimension by randis
lastnight by StefanThompson
oh hey by StefanThompson
Fine Art Archive 03
Lebensunwertes Leben by gottfriedhelnwein
Fine Art Archive 01
I am reborn by selfregion
Artists' Submissions
Bluebird by Chiyuky
Under the influence of Bacon
Stagger by JonnyPenn
Still Life with Budai and Children by RyckRudd
24062015 by AnjaMillen
Self Portraiture
Study for Self Portrait, 2013 by RyckRudd
On Stability and Transience by artpearl
psychedelic spiritual
Spiralling Mandala by farboart
Digital Awareness
bl2 by TMECE
The End Came Swiftly by Art-of-Eric-Wayne
Collage and Mixed Media

Mature Content

Fleeting Memory by offermoord
Abstract Attack
External by JonnyPenn

Featured Artist's Submission

Turn the light on by Cavemandd (Steve Griffith, of Canada):…

This new painting by Steve is incredible. In my opinion his best yet! He went all out this time, and achieved a bit of a masterpiece! He commented in his description:
This piece took me a long long time. I pretty much wanted a big cone of psychedelic visions erupting out of a head…

Some other paintings by Cavemandd which are already in the group's galleries:

Right in Two by SteveGriffith :thumb153489652:

NOTE: I featured this long before it was awarded with a "Daily Deviation".

Forgotten gems

+no title+ by Oreks:…

Machik by Oreks:…

Time of Rain by Oreks:…

This artist hasn't been seen nor heard from on DA in 162 weeks. He's gone, but the art's still here for us to enjoy. The top image only got 43 favs, the middle 6, and the bottom 24, in 8 years. No wonder he disappeared. But he is appreciated retroactively here, even if he got 2 Daily Deviations for other pieces! The color is really quite wonderful and impressionist. His images have a very subtle Symbolist feel that make them quite unique on DA.

Here are some other intriguing works by Oreks:

Mature Content

Dimin by Oreks

Mature Content

Fodkarwlin by Oreks

Mature Content

Abraxas by Oreks

Mature Content

Lazarus by Oreks

Mature Content

Everlasting Daredevil by Oreks

Random from Featured

Herde by AnjaMillen Herde :iconanjamillen:AnjaMillen 84 25 body by vuzel
Mature content
body :iconvuzel:vuzel 138 18
minor matter by AnjaMillen
Mature content
minor matter :iconanjamillen:AnjaMillen 108 30
103 by olorym 103 :iconolorym:olorym 98 12 Transcension by bbyoung1971 Transcension :iconbbyoung1971:bbyoung1971 44 3 whisperings by grazapp
Mature content
whisperings :icongrazapp:grazapp 210 33
Mantis by sulf-98 Mantis :iconsulf-98:sulf-98 49 20 THe Atman journey by AFANTINI
Mature content
THe Atman journey :iconafantini:AFANTINI 60 11
L'Amort by CastalianVisions
Mature content
L'Amort :iconcastalianvisions:CastalianVisions 41 7
Space Cadets by Cerque Space Cadets :iconcerque:Cerque 26 13 human-eyed fish by rusipanov human-eyed fish :iconrusipanov:rusipanov 26 25 3  part by grazapp
Mature content
3 part :icongrazapp:grazapp 353 65
Lamb Girl detail by jennymajeske Lamb Girl detail :iconjennymajeske:jennymajeske 19 3 craving by alkor12
Mature content
craving :iconalkor12:alkor12 150 46
no title by grazapp
Mature content
no title :icongrazapp:grazapp 306 32

Under-appreciated Gems

Rainforest ex-cruciate by brainwar23 (Bryan Kent Ward, of Seattle WA):…

This piece has been on DA for almost 5 years, and only has 9 favorites. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it's quite exceptional in it's way, and, to quote the artist: "This piece was inspired by a trip I took to the Amazon jungle outside of Manaus Brazil."

Check out these other visionary paintings from this same under-appreciated artist:

Energy is the Only Life by brainwar23 Ascension to Nebula by brainwar23 Burning Womb, Burning Earth by brainwar23

Mature Content

War God Unleashed by brainwar23

Mature Content

Entheogenic Garden of Eden-oil by brainwar23


Submissions Guidelines

NOTE: DON'T JUST SUBMIT STUFF HERE TO BE SEEN IN AS MANY GROUPS AS POSSIBLE! Think about if the quality is good enough (not really amateur) and whether or not it's appropriate.

IT NEEDS TO BE "FINE ART" (or transcend its genre).

People are understandably confused about what "fine art" is. Imagine you were in a bookstore: the "Literature" section is like "fine art" and everything else isn’t . (Currently DA is a bit like a bookstore in which the literature collects dust in a corner by the restroom, and greeting cards, calendars, and soft-core porn are showcased. I don’t hope to change DA, but do hope to make a group that’s different.)

To help weed out some things, here’s a handy guideline for submissions (though there can definitely be exceptions to this, and people can sometimes, as in the case of great sci-fi, transcend the genre)


○ No schlock

○ No schmaltz

○ No whopping clichés

○ No kitsch

○ No fan art

○ No Kawaii, Desu art (that means really "cutesy" stuff.)

○ No fractal art (It has to be done by a human. Joke! But, seriously, while fractal art is fine, there are plenty of places to show fractal art on DA, and boatloads of fractal art DDs.)

○ No facile and glib still life, landscape, or model photography (There are plenty of other places for that, and it also gets tons of DDs.)

○ No ultra femme fantasy photomanipulation art (see above about schmaltz, and besides, those corny fantasy-manips are one of the most popular types of amateur art on DA and gets tons of exposure. Feminist photomanips, on the other hand, are accepted.)

○ No emoticons. (If you think that's serious art, you ARE an emoticon.)

○ No stock photography (something creative needs to already have been done with it.)

○ No (probably blissfully unwitting) sexist erotic art (in general, blatantly politically incorrect, socially unaware, misogynistic, or just kinda’ dim horny art doesn't cut it).

○ No furries (Um, I think there are fetish and self-help groups for this kind of thing).

○ No fucking unicorns. I'm serious!

○ No wolves with giant moons behind them (giant moons in general are way overdone. And what is it with wolves and big cats anyways? Gimmie a break!)

○ No dragons (schlock fantasy art), unless they transcend the genre, like by having been eviscerated or something.

○ No cyborg babes that obviously couldn't move because you didn't really think about the anatomy, and are just milquetoast, sexist, semi-erotic art. Which isn't to say I don't LOVE cyborgs, because I do, which is part of the reason I've seen enough trendy DD type one's that would last about 1 second against, say, the Terminator, and are actually "dolls" rather than cyborgs to begin with.

○ Commercial work would have to "transcend the genre," though things like album covers in the past often did.

If you’ve done something other than the above, and you were trying to do something meaningful and it is hard to pigeonhole, and it kinda’ kicks ass but gets rejected from mainstream groups who cater to mainstream art, it might be fine art.

NOTE: If something doesn’t get in it could very well be my own flat spot. If your art is new and experimental or challenging, there’s a chance it will go over my head and I’ll miss the point altogether. You can try to explain it to me, but if that’s no use, well, you can just assume I am a fallible, limited being with personal tastes and biases. I'll try to "get it" though.



Latest Favourite Artists

I closed the Fine Art Asylum for almost exactly one year because I was just too busy to administrate it. But now I have some free time, and I came back to look at the galleries I'd put together in the past. The work was so good I was really impressed, and some pieces I didn't even remember seeing before. The Fine Art Asylum was conceived as a sanctuary for “fine art” on DA, where other kinds of art are generally much more popular, and some of the very best stuff I've seen gets no attention at all. If you look through the galleries you are sure to find very interesting artists you haven't likely seen before, and who may have something in common with your own work.

If you don't know who I am, check out my blog: