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More Than Me
At the beginning of August last year I created some goals for myself, within two months I had bigger ones, then even bigger. I just kept finding more reasons to love what I was doing and what was happening to me. Lifting became a passion of mine, it wasn't just some extra activity I did to keep in shape and become stronger; it became a turning point, I found happiness, for the first time six years I wasn't living with this deafening and suffocating depression and anxiety. I gained confidence, and the traps to back me up on that, I gained independence, with quads to match >.
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Or The Rest
It's pure and innocent, firm and gentle, and completely out of reach. My love for him was stronger than what I had believed it to be, when I was drowning in sorrow and frustration and he held onto me, pulled me closer into his atmosphere, in his arms where I stayed: safe and halfway to okay. But then he got up and I remembered that I wasn't good enough, for him or me or the rest of fucking people.
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It goes a little something like this: "When you want something so much that it hurts," It burns like  an urge you cant settle, an incessant pulling inside where nothing but what you want can perish. And it haunts you, paralyzes your emotions as they run wild, as your mental status becomes corrupt with one thought that trumps all. Everything you need to do becomes tainted with the one thing you want, with the one thing you don't have but still cant stand to lose. And you want it so bad that it hurts, no matter the pain you endure no turn of event will ever give it to you despite the thought of money and happiness, and luck, and chance, along with everything next to a miracle. And you want it so bad that you don't have to close your eyes to see it, its in your sight whether your looking down the block or down the gully, whether your walking along or laying with love. The pain that stabs isn't the emptiness clawing within but the uncertainty that one day you may never hold the beauty
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Lady Liberty by Finding-The-Time Lady Liberty :iconfinding-the-time:Finding-The-Time 0 2
Comfortably Swooning
When I feel his hands on me but know it'll never happen; nothing meaningful. I give him thoughts throughout the day but never feel flustered over it, never confused or truly falling yet comfortably swooning. His body against mine, in a hug, in a bed, on the floor, on a long ride; just a "friendly" embrace on both parts, never meant to be anything more; because we both know it never will be. A mutual denial of a comfortable swooning. Hands between my legs, on my waist, on my ass, in my own; his head on my chest, his hands in my shirt, under my blanket, our legs tangled together, still only a "friendly" gesture, neither say of it, neither care; a mutual denial of comfortable swooning. For in a seconds notice either could have been swept up with a new caller, not a fuck would have been given on either part. On a fragile line between taken and occupied, sets a nice term a few words away from something more than "just friends," we set comfortably swooning.
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Removing you from you
Taking all that you are made of and giving it to the world
Exposing every feature of your narrow body to everyone
Expelling the very things the keep you alive
I left your rotten corpse on a corner
Not a worry in my head, you’re but a stain on my hands
Nothing of you remains valuable as you lay empty and broken
You are finished, I have eviscerated you.
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Volumes of Hate
Cut my throat; hate me
Take my life; shame me
Eat my soul; hurt me
Sacrifice my body; kill me
Hang my clothes; love me
Drain my blood; need me
Use my hair; want me
Gouge my eyes; feel me
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Crystal Clear
Keep your head clear
Hold your tongue
Your chance will come
To prove your worth in words
Though your actions speak
Their eyes don’t Listen
To my thoughts won’t you listen
Instead staring into the sky so clear
I hear your fears when you speak
I see your troubles at the tip of your tongue
Though your masterpiece is not of words
And in so your true calling will come
Let their remarks come
Close your ears, don’t listen
To their rambling of ignorant words
Keep your intentions clear
Let not an odious remark from your tongue
No evil shall you see, no evil shall you hear, no evil shall you speak
To dogs we can’t speak
Yet they still come
And wag, each, a pink tongue
With intent they do listen
Tough our noise, to the small brains aren't clear
Our rambling and jamblings don’t even concoct words
We mark our spot on earth with sacred words
We make a pattern on a map as we speak
Filling our chest with jewels and crystals ever so clear
The hunt begins when our time come
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Finished, she lay
Broken, cut, scared
She found her
Until you found your way to her.
With conviction, she proclaimed,
"No more."
With love, she shielded her.
From you
Once damaged and finished the fire lay burnt
She battled you to save her
She ended the infliction
The self infliction from you.
She is her.
She is you.
You are her.
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You damaged her.
She was perfect before you arrived
Not a cut not a scar to be seen
    Until you found your way to her.
So beautiful and strong
Fragile and melodic
And she was everything she needed to be.
    Until you found your way to her.
None broke her.
None dulled her sharp wits.
None dared to step too close to the fire burning inside.
    Until you found your way to her.
Until you;
With your mangling hands;
    you snapped her.
With your iron assaults;
    You made her weak.
And you with your ice.
    Your cold and narrow glare,
    Your bitter and degrading humor,
Your bucket of icy water from below;
You finished her.
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Ringnecks by Finding-The-Time Ringnecks :iconfinding-the-time:Finding-The-Time 0 2 My New Vans by Finding-The-Time My New Vans :iconfinding-the-time:Finding-The-Time 0 0
All In One Night
All In One Night
We started off as strangers.
We didn’t acknowledge each other,
But something changed,
We bantered back and forth.
I thought I was past you,
I thought I had this under control.
It became more.
We talked more.
I looked for more,
Even though I knew I couldn’t have anything,
Because I already have something.
I searched crowds looking for you.
When I found you,
I thought about you.
You put your head on my shoulder,
I wanted you,
Your arms,
Your hands,
Your heart.

All in one night.
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United States
Surprisingly enough I made it to adulthood, and currently still breathing and currently still kind of sad.
Much love guys.



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