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Warrior designs

By Finchwing
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A buncha warrior designs I've done over the past few days, I'll try n see if I can do more 
I was too lazy to write the rest of the names rip

Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Crowfeather, Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw
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feral-felidaeStudent Digital Artist

I adore your Tawnypelt design!!

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xXRosepatch-drawsHobbyist General Artist

Squirrelflight looks so sassy. 😂

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WolfeyChewStudent Digital Artist
May I use leafpool style for one of my ocs 
LynxOnACloud's avatar
LynxOnACloudHobbyist Digital Artist
AAAHH I love your Squirrelflight design!
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NirawaHobbyist Filmographer
Hey Finch, I'm working on a MAP part including the journey cats and calicos/tortoiseshells arent really my strength, would I perhaps be allowed to use your Tawnypelt design? :0 Dont worry, I'd fully credit you <3
These all look so amazing though <3
Finchwing's avatar
Yea sure!!
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jay and crow r just so "father-sonish" XDD
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leafpool looks like hitler idk why! XD
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SilverWolfMyghtHobbyist General Artist
Squirrel looks like her dad a bit!
Pure-Luna's avatar
Pure-LunaHobbyist General Artist
short squirrel with fluffy tail is my life thanks
Pure-Luna's avatar
Pure-LunaHobbyist General Artist
tawny is just yes
xXBlazesoulXx's avatar
xXBlazesoulXxHobbyist Digital Artist
Squirrelflight looks so smug XD
EmeraldxFox's avatar
EmeraldxFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
I love how the poses you put them in display their personalities. 
Canis-Lumina's avatar
Canis-LuminaHobbyist Digital Artist
Tawnypelt is absolutely gorgeous! I have seen so many people make her design so complicated and it look horrible, but your design is so simple and gorgeous!
AutumnsDusk's avatar
AutumnsDuskHobbyist Digital Artist
God your Tawnypelt design <33
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Birchclaw15Hobbyist Digital Artist
love it! great job!
SongbirdCt-TheKitty's avatar
SongbirdCt-TheKittyHobbyist Filmographer
I absolutely adore your design for Leafpool! She's my favorite!
AimForrest's avatar
AimForrestHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful! I love all their different bodies.
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wolf-derpHobbyist General Artist
These look great, Finch!
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Wowie Finch these are amazing! What age did you start to draw?
xXDawnCloudXx's avatar
how old r u now? just wondering <3 im 11
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hey I have questions as a 13 year old wanting to improve
1. how long did it take you to get to the stage ur at now?
2. how frequently did u have to draw?
3. how good are u at drawing people and how long did it take you to properly learn anatomy?
4. when u started digital art what graphics pad did u use?
5. are you happy with the quality and style of the art u make now?
tanks :)
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1. 8 years
2. almost every day
3. people are hard but to learn to draw anything you just draw it a lot
4. bamboo pen & touch
5. yea sure
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