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BB Pearl:: Nobita Nobi

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My first shot at a Blackberry sized Wallpaper... and it came out good! This is SO going into my BlackBerry ASAP. =D

If you don´t know who Nobita Nobi is... I just have a question for you... Are you REALLY an Anime fanatic, or just a horny teenager who wants to see Boobs? =/ DORAEMON! EDUCATE YOURSELVES, PEOPLE! *grumble grumble*
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Nobita, sincerely it's my favorite :)
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Metal Gear + Doraemon = ?
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Avylositer12Professional Digital Artist
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PonySuendyHobbyist Digital Artist
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Erica-SakuraHobbyist Digital Artist
Just started watching Doraemon. I could already tell from the trailers that Nobita would be my favorite...And I was right!
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SuperSmurggerHobbyist Digital Artist
I've discovered Doraemon just a few weeks ago...Why the hell isn't is famous in France or even in english-speaking countries ??
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yami-joeyProfessional General Artist
I <3 Nobita :D
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Finalzidane-XProfessional Interface Designer
Not more than I do.

*snags Nobi-Chan*

mwa ha ha ha.

*escapes through his 4th dimensional messenger bag*
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I love the foolishness of nobita...

He always make something to be more2 complicated....

please watchback!
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b-marbleProfessional Digital Artist

Not even the asians.

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I know, it's so frustrating.
Only thing people focus on nowadays is GamerGate and McDonalds food.
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I think every one on earth should know Doraemon.
I don't know about countries in the West but in Asia, everybody knows Doraemon and Nobita. It's just the legendary anime here. They are in people's heart. The movies are in theaters every year. The series broadcast on free TV. And the live shows often import here from Japan.
I have no idea and I think they're just kidding if they say they don't know Nobita.
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Finalzidane-XProfessional Interface Designer
AMEN. Like, the original manga on the early 60´s introduced Japanese Manga into the concepts of Time Travel, and Sci Fi based gadgets... then the Anime in the 70´s presented it to the Anime realm.

God, here I have 4 of the movies and 23 episodes of the show... I need more... =O

I´ll be on my bed doing dirty stuff to my bishie Nobita. =D
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LOL What are dirty stuff? :sprint:

I see......
I like Doraemon too. I went to see every movie in the cinema every year and I went to every live show on stage. I have Doraemon dolls and slippers.
I cried with some movies because they're so impressive. :tears:
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Finalzidane-XProfessional Interface Designer
One single thing I always wanted since I saw it on the official Website store... a Doraemon Necktie... God, those are the way of being Emo in a cute way. XD

Oh, and Dirty stuff, the stuff that one does when one wiggles his hand around certain areas of the world and stuff. >.>
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LOL Thanks to expand the contents. >w<
I wish you'll have a Doraemon Necktie one day.
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. . . . . . Ive never heard of it but i am an anime fanatic but mostly stuff like mighty atom sailer moon DBZ steel angel kurumi, IS, cyborg 009, and other random stuff
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