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East Indies Stahlhelm

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At last! I can get one of my dream! Buying a stahlhelm (i buy this in my hometown of Solo)! :excited: Although the price isn’t cheap. :faint: .
Anyway let me explain why i called this stahlhelm an East Indies stahlhelm. Prior or maybe some years before the Japanese came in 1942 to Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), the Dutch colonial army (K.N.I.L.) equipped some of it’s unit with this stahlhelm. For the truth is, the history of this helmet is still a mystery. Was it made by the Braat (today is Barata) company in Surabaya since the canvas holder round shape was different with the original stahlhelm. Or was the Dutch colonial government purchase it from Berlin? Anyway there’s just 4 unit in East Indies which wore this helmet (maybe...). The stadswacht (homeguard) in Soerakarta (Surakarta) or Solo in Central Java stationed in Pabelan area, stadswacht in Medan Sumatra, the Air Raid Protection Unit, and Surabaya harbor guard unit in East Java.
In my opinion this helmet have a better quality compared with the other Dutch helmet like Verblifa, Milsco, and Braat. The stahlhelm is more heavy and thicker compared with the other helmets. And just like Hitler said above there’s some difference between this stahlhelm with the original stahlhelm. Maybe this is the tropic version of stahlhelm? :D
I thanked to the antique dealer who try very hard to acquired this helmet for me. :) If you’re interested you can check some of his collection and remember you can buy it. [link]

The photos link of the Dutch East Indies units who wore this stahlhelm.
Stadswacht Solo: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
Stadswacht Medan: [link]
Surabaya Harbor Guard Unit: [link] (check the flap!)
Air Raid Protection Unit: [link] [link]
Captured Indonesian guerillas wearing stahlhelm (similar with my stahlhelm - check the description below) ! January 1947: [link]
Check the helmeted man, the third from left : [link]
Stahlhelm in the museum in Ambarawa Indonesia: [link]
Milsco helmet:
Braat helmet:

:bulletgreen: EDIT :bulletgreen:
The warhelmet site the [link] has confirmed that my stahlhelm is ORIGINAL one and probably a CHINESE made stahlhelm. The republic of china at that time importing many of the germany stahlhelm in particularly the m35 model. But when the war with japan broke out, china was forced to canceled it's military cooperation with germany. And to fulfill the needs of the helmets for it's troops,china decide to make their own stahlhelm. One particular model was called "Hongkong Model". This helmet was a clone from the m34 stahlhelm [link] but sometime it's not clone after all. Some of the feature of the m34 was left but sometimes the chinese add some other features to this "hongkong model" e.g. placing the british or australian mark II chin strap ! Weird collaboration right? :confused:
The other helmet was the cloning of m35 germany or even adding some new feature e.g. different rivet shape similar with the stahlhelm i got. And the truth is the chinese made stahlhelm is still a mystery because many of these local made helmet was made beside in the huge factory also from the small workshop and even handmade! :omfg:
Anyway the paint or paste in this helmet is too thick so i guess the helmet is becoming more heavy. The weight is approximately 1300 grams. Also the ballistic capability was poor, because it's made from a weaker hull. All of these chinese stahlhelm probably was bought by the batavia government back in 1940/1941.
The photo of chinese soldiers wearing stahlhelm (compare their rivet shape with mine) [link] [link] [link]
Chinese troops wearing stahlhelm with all of kind of rivets (m35 rivet and chinese ball shaped type rivet): [link]
According to the [link] , The Dutch East Indies government also acquired the stahlhelm from an unlikely source. The famous AFRIKA KORPS. Because the british got plenty of that helmets from the north africa front. Later the brits sold it to the batavia government.
And according to the germany panzermuseum in Munster, Braat actually making their own stahlehlm. This helmet was named "The Braat-Soerabaja M 1940 Helmet". The design probably similar with the chinese made stahlhelm but have more lighter weight, only 500 grams.

:bulletblack: Edit on the edit :bulletblack:
Apparently the story of the knil military importing the stahlhelm from china is still debatable. And the rivet of this stahlehlm is ball shaped similar with stahlhelm made by braat. I guess this stahlhelm is the braat stahlhelm? [link] :confused:
For the truth is, the mystery of stahlhelm in indonesia is still in large....

:bulletyellow:Edit mode activated:bulletyellow:
I'll add some new info i got about this helmet. My helmet weight is more than a kilo. Based from previous info this not a dutch east indies stahlhelm right? Wrong, this is still the dutch east indies made stahlhelm since the information of the dutch east indies made stahlhelm weight was 500 grams based on ..... m34 made stahlhelm which was made from aluminium or lightweight steel. At that time the braat probably made 2 kind of stahlhelm. The m34 (based from the photography evidence) and the m35. The m34 probably worn by the surabaya harbor police judging from the rim shape. And i have a documentary video from koninginnedag (queen's day) ceremony in batavia in 1942. The batavia brandweer (fire brigade) chief was seen wearing the silver colored m34 helmet complete with rear leather flap and decal! Meanwhile the m35 were worn by the stadswacht and luchtbeschermingdienst judging from the photo.
Beside this green stahlhelm i also have an orange-red m35 dutch east indies stahlhelm still complete with the liner ring although the liner leather already long gone. The liner ring is similar with the german m35 stahlhelm although there's some difference exist. And the rivet is not ball shape but standard rivet the same with the german stahlhelm.

:star:This is my opinion:star:
Although the rivet is long, thin and flimsy because it's have to hold the smaller size liner ring. It is possible that the dutch east indies government at that time only produce 1 size of stahlhelm. To compliment the size of the head of the wearer, probably there's some variety liner ring size was made. Different with the german made stahlhelm which have several helmet sizes. And the result is the long rivet could not hold the gravity weight forever. And i believe the ball shape rivet in the green stahlhelm are modification to make the helmet have a longer age.

Lately i finally go to the palagan ambarawa museum to check the stahlhelm collections in there. Both stahlhelm is in tni dark green color and both rivets already replaced AKA not original anymore. The ambarawa museum have 2 stahlhelm collection. The one is m35 and the other .... this is really intrigue me .... an m42 model stahlhelm! There's no possibility the dutch east indies made that kind of helmet. Except the japanese ordered the construction of that helmet. Anyway at that time i wanted to take photograph of the helmet interior but the guard doesn't allowed that. If anyone ever succeeding in taking photographies of that m42 helmet interior, please let me know. Because if there's any stamp maker inside that helmet, it is possible that m42 helmet is german made and we can trace the history.

Simpsonized Hitler by Matt Groening.
Info from the overvalwagen forum.
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Ijin share untuk page Surabaya Tempo Dulu di Facebook. Link anda akan kami sertakan disana.
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Okeh silahkan. :)
Sbnrnya sy punya 1 stahlhelm lg tp tdk sy upload disini. :XD:
Dan jg br sj sy dpt foto tentara TNI yg pakai stahlhelm pd thn .... 1965.
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lijkt haast wel op een vroege quist serie...mooie helm hoor.
heb zelf ook een aantal in mijn verzameling..maar wel alleen maar duitse ;)
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Dank U. :)
Ah die ik hoorde dat de chinese stahlhelm van het ET versie werd gemodelleerd.
Ik heb ook de andere stahlhelm. Schijnbaar werd deze stahlhelm in sinaasappel tijdens Japans tijdperk overgeschilderd. En er is ook een katakana schrijven in de helmachterrand. Het interessante ding is, is het schijnt de schrijver was een Javaan. :)
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penggalan seajrah,jerman emang paling keren..:D
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Memang mas. Ironisnya helm ini buatan surabaya, kloning dari helm cina. Lha helm cinanya itu kloningan dari helm jerman. Jadi belanda pas itu mengkloning sebuah kloning. :D
Kok nama dAnya keren banget mas. :rofl:
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oo gitu..keren ya,iya donk
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Congratulations! And good luck with finding out the info!
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Why don't you look at some documents or ask any people involved who might still be alive and find out?
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For the veteran i guess that'll be difficult, because many of the stadswacht personnel was a dutchman.
Okay i guess i have to ask the dutch museum then, thanks. :)
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