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The BLiNX: The Time Sweeper Encyclopaedia

Well, I don't really know how I could ever go beyond what I put into this thing.  This is the result of nine months of work (admittedly kind of on and off), collecting hundreds of screenshots and as much information as I possibly could on the BLiNX universe as a whole.  This is a compilation of every single piece of lore I could find throughout both games, as well as a very small amount from outside sources.  At nearly 33,000 words and 137 pages, it's pretty damn massive.

The PDF is broken into distinct articles prefaced by a hyperlinked table of contents.  Just click on the title of the article you want to see in the table of contents and you'll jump to it instantly.

While I originally started on this as a way to put all the necessary information in one place to use for development of fan theories and the like, I realized in the past few months as I worked more and more on the small details that a lot of the game's worldbuilding is really easy to miss, especially in the case of the Goddesses and their relationship with the rest of the universe (which has caused a number of people to simply dismiss it as contradictory nonsense despite being rather consistent, I've noticed).  A number of common questions seem to be answered by the various articles on different matters, as well as a detailed timeline detailing who was doing what throughout the Big Crystal incident.

I don't know if I'll be making any further modifications unless absolutely necessary (mostly because editing this thing involves removing and then re-applying all its formatting, which is a big nuisance), but any suggestions are still welcome in any case.  Have fun with all your BLiNX stuff.
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Is it just me or is DeviantArt displaying the pdf file now? Before it was just the title image.
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It actually isn't loading anything at all for me (could be a few different reasons for that, ranging from custom CSS to addons that affect scripts on webpages), but you seem to be right.  Guess that's not really a bad thing, aside from the grotesque amount of content it's trying to load at once.
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Doesn't take too long to load, fortunately.

I find the download button off to the side isn't great for content you have to download to view.
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FinalSoraRiku dumped a stack of papers (at an impressive height of 2 inches) on the table. "Any suggestions are welcome," he said.

You impress me every single time. I've read a few pages and skimmed the contents and it looks very extensive. (The number of pages makes this obvious but you know what I mean.) This will be very useful for current and future Blinx endeavours (much like the BLiNX 2 script that PartnerInTime wrote up). Thanks for the hard work!

I'll be sure to read it in its entirety and let you know of any errors I find.
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I'm not sure there's much more I can do to impress :u  I know I found it useful a couple times while it was still in the works, though.

Definitely let me know if you find any serious formatting errors (like the white block around one of the images on the Time Factory article - I've fixed that and re-uploaded the file in case that's bugging you).  Factual content is worth checking, too, of course, though I'm pretty confident in that stuff at this point.