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Big Crystal fragment timeline

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I decided a couple days ago to map out everything that happens in BLiNX 2, because so much of it is communicated in ways that are easy to just ignore without meaning to, eventually just passively going along with whatever the game tells you is happening.  This is especially true for the events described in text format during the actual levels, from which tons of concurrent events are described while Furball and Bombay are off doing whatever on their own.  Who gets which Big Crystal fragments when gained special interest from me, so I decided to put this together after keeping track of everything.  I may make less grandiose documentation of where each character is at each point in the story, too, as well as clarifying when the different levels happen in relation to each other (Sweeper Round 4, for example, is entirely before Tom Tom Round 4, but Sweeper Round 5 is entirely after Tom Tom Round 5, while others have varying degrees of overlap).

Shown by this analysis is that two fragments are actually unaccounted for.  One is presumably just a fragment that Team Pigtail acquired while out in the Ever Snow World before encountering Team NecoJi, but there's not even any mention whatsoever of the seventh fragment.  The time frame for its acquisition isn't even very tight, and more likely than not the devs simply forgot that the cats lost one of their fragments to the Tom Toms in Round 4 (the Time Factory invasion) or weren't able to produce additional cutscenes explaining how they got the fragment once they realized the issue.

It's nice to get such a tight grip on what actually happens in this game, though.  Its story is nothing great, but some effort demonstrates that there's more to it and more thought put into it than one initially thinks.  Just wasn't communicated to the player very well.

Also made some revisions in light of additional information given in the comments.  All fragments are now accounted for (so disregard all contrary claims earlier in this description), meaning that this is a nice complete timeline.  Good to know what's going on at every point.
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Dang, what are the fonts you used? I still can't identify them from the manual.

Liked that you used the design from the manual. Still think that its design is really pretty over a decade later.

Wasn't one fragment acquired by Blinx at the end of the World 3? Unless for some reason he's refering to the one Furball got from the Mandrake but I think this is the seventh fragment:
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Alright, revision made.  Thanks for pointing that out to me, however I missed it.  Nice to have a complete timeline with everything accounted for.
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Adobe reader tells you what the embedded fonts in a pdf are :u  House-O-Rama for the logo and Dom Casual for the body text (a bold variant for the subheaders and the standard variant for the rest).  I'm also pretty sure that the exact colours used in the logo (the gradient over the text) are the ones used discretely as fill and stroke for the subheaders, meaning you can emulate the logo's gradient exactly.

Fuck, missed one.  I went through every video I had of the game and just paused wherever I saw dialogue, and I knew I'd miss a few in the process.  I guess I'll put fixing this on my to-do list.  Thanks for that, though.  I'll have this send out a notification when it's updated.  I also have a couple questions regarding what Blinx is even doing at a few parts (one of which seems like an actual inconsistency unless I missed another bit of text), but I think I'll save those for when I make character timelines.  Those probably won't be so fancy, though.

This finally lets us assess, I suppose, just how many fragments Furball and Bombay get their hands on as opposed to the others.  Furball gets four, while Bombay gets another four, including the ones he steals from the Sweepers.  Blinx also gets one and Matteo gets another that NecoJi steals.  Not a lot of action for the others.  I never really got why the CEO specifically thanked Blinx at the end of the game, given that he did way less than Furball (but probably the second-most, trailed by Chron spending a serious amount of time in the Woodstone World).  Given that he also asked for Blinx specifically in the opening, I think there's some favouritism going on.