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Good Night
Continuing my long-standing yet seldom-fulfilled tradition of drawing stuff for games I like.  Believe me, there's plenty in the queue, and I'm working on it bit by bit, but this one seemed like a nice opportunity for some more quick and simple.

Got to have some fun with a game called Creepy Castle.  I think the game did a pretty poor job of advertising itself in a lot of ways, the biggest one being that it's a much bigger game than its advertisements imply (hence the price tag that scares off a lot of people - one of the most common comments after completing it is "holy crap, I didn't think there'd be so much stuff here"), which led to virtually no publicity at all.  I don't know if I'd say the game's anything special, but it takes on some pretty appealing ideas and has some pretty fun writing from time to time.  A couple cool music tracks, too, my favourite being Tatakai followed by All That Remains is to Fly and Divine Duty.  There's this sad feeling, though, that comes from finishing a game, venturing out into the vast expanses of the internet to see what other people that enjoyed it have said and made, and then just not really finding anything at all.

The blue one in the middle here, Ant Queen, seems to be the fan favourite (...though fan art wouldn't really lead you to believe that), which I'm inclined to agree with.  She's also fun and simple to draw, so I decided to put together a slight reinterpretation of one of the game's more memorable scenes.

It was fun trying out the game's art style, and it definitely gives me a respect for those who can pull off such limited palettes.  It's a real different experience having to think about what will look like an outline and what will look like the background, or even more tricky, shadows and things that are actually coloured black.  Taking a look at the game's cutscene art made it doable, at least, and it's nice to have an excuse to keep looking at the game's art anyways.  I just ended up giving everything an outline, even when it's not visible, and filling that in, though black stuff like shadows made it more complicated and ended in my layers being a little unorganized.  I don't know how I feel about how Ant turned out here, though, since I had to kind of give up on making everything look right because I first drew this on paper with a real crappy pencil and eraser.  I couldn't really "aim" with either, so lines ended up in the wrong places and erasing anything generally meant destroying anything in its immediate vicinity, so I couldn't spend as much time as I would've liked getting her legs in particular looking right.  Still, I at least like the idea of the pose, which isn't actually based off of any art ingame.

There's a whole one completed Let's Play of this game on YouTube, I think (at least with commentary), but if you actually want to see everything in the game, you're going to have to give it a try yourself.  Tons of extra story bits to see by playing as different characters in particular.
BLiNX 2 Texture Mod/Hack: Blinx's Jacket
See it in action here.

The day has finally come that we have an accurate Blinx as the player character.

Looks like we've figured out texture mods for this game.  This'll have some real potential.

The way the game lets you customize colours isn't quite fully understood.  Each pattern has a corresponding jacket texture that's completely black and white, and every colour that isn't white has a small texture that's just a square of that colour.  My thought was that the game just overlays the small coloured square texture over the black and white base texture, but for some reason, even though the texture I put in the game is black and white, it gets a dark shade of blue overlaid on top that I can't change.  Someone with time on their hands is going to have to experiment more with this.
A True Masterpiece
He'd probably be even more impressed if he could actually read.

A while back, I got into a little puzzle RPG called Off, a nice game for cute children.  I had been wanting to make something for it, but between that forty-hour BLiNX piece and having other stuff I want to draw, I couldn't really justify anything big.  I managed to put this one together in just a couple hours, though I did try to mimic the game's style a little by drawing the Judge (the cat) in a somewhat sketchy way (very difficult with how I draw, and I don't think the shadow effect really worked like I had hoped), using the exact flat colours that the game does in this scene, and imitating the game's text boxes.  My intention was to make it feel a bit more authentic to the game than something more like my own style would, though I'm not sure how well I accomplished that.  The only thing I really redesigned was the picture on the wall, since it's just a small pixel art of a cartoony cat otherwise.  At least I made the right choice by choosing a shot of the Judge from behind instead of dealing with his complicated face, I guess.

If I do draw anything else related to this game, I'd probably try to model it more on the game's sketchy art style than the in-game one.  One interesting aspect of this game's visuals is that characters are generally drawn by hand, in black and white, whereas the world around them is usually shades of a single vibrant colour.  I think that it could look interesting in more detailed art, but I still don't know how I'd recreate the hand-drawn feel digitally unless I literally scanned in the characters while drawing the rest digitally.

...that sounds like a cool mixed media approach, actually.  I do have an idea for something else to draw for this game, but I have a lot of other stuff to get to before then in any case.
The Time Factory Locker Room
Being the multiverse's most highly-trained workers tasked with ensuring the continued existence of every world, Time Sweepers have some pretty long days.  As such, there's always some nice leisure to be found in the Time Factory locker room, between the relief of the day's work being done and the strong bonds that such work creates.

Tends to end in Picaro yelling at someone, though.

Okay, I think I mean it this time when I say that this will be the most I put into anything I ever make for BLiNX.  That's not to say I won't ever try anything similar again, but it would be a while before I do.  This was twelve hours of putting pencil on paper and then another thirty of going over it all digitally, and I think it's unique in that I've never really combined most of my developed skills in one piece like this before.  I generally only pay much attention to things like perspective if I'm drawing a landscape or something similar, since the living things inhabiting the image are usually the focus otherwise, and I don't care to spend hours on a background that I don't want people to focus on.  This time, though, I tried to stick to the perspective as adamantly as possible, both on paper and on the computer (as I redid some of the lineart when I went over it digitally).  Getting the floor to map properly took something like an hour in its own right, too, since I've never done something quite like that despite having already gotten experience from mapping images to curved surfaces.  I tried to answer "yes" to most of the questions I posed to myself about whether or not I should include a certain detail, since little things can go a long way, like the shading on the doors of the lockers giving them a lot more depth despite being so minor.  I also tried to reproduce the Time Factory locker room pretty faithfully, with the exception of adding the shower off to the side.  I think it fits the decor, though.  I also had to incorporate some artistic liberty into drawing Blinx and Pelon's fur patterns under their clothes, since you never see them, but I think what I decided on was pretty reasonable.  That leaves me wondering, actually, if anybody else has drawn NecoJi hatless until now.  I'm also happy to have fit in some small references to Blinx's punk outfit from the first game's prize art, since he's putting on the same shirt and you can see the boots in the locker.  The piercings didn't make it in anywhere, unfortunately, but they're probably hidden away in his locker somewhere.  It was nice to speculate on what Blinx would choose to wear when off the job, and the punk outfit (which I incidentally quite like) is all we've seen that might count towards that.

I'm hoping some personality came through with the characters, too.  For the most part, they're all doing something, which can be easy to forget to implement into art sometimes.  Blinx seems to be talking about something somewhat enthusiastically, NecoJi seems a bit more mild-mannered (I generally think of him as the most balanced in terms of personality, not overly energetic or strict but still doing his job), Picaro is being his usual hot-blooded self, and Pelon's just playing around or poking fun at Picaro or something.  I actually don't have any idea what any of these guys might be saying, but I'd be interested in hearing what people seeing this think they might be talking about.

As to why I took on this whole three and a half month long venture, I've been thinking lately that I want to push myself from time to time to make pieces that I'm actually proud of as tribute to some things that I like.  I'll work on a few others, though most of them won't be quite as ambitious as this one or take as long.  There'll be at least one other big one if things go as planned, though.  This one was actually meant to help build a world, whereas the rest will probably focus more on the characters.


Hai. I'm a sketcher with not much to do. I mainly just draw cartoons, even though I'm decent at 3D drawing (and marshmallows), too.

Favorite icon: :iconohfuckplz:

I also sometimes take pictures of my pets.

World of la:

Current Residence: Stalker >_>
Favourite style of art: Sketch
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: The only one I have
Skin of choice: Flesh, you don't see people walking around in mayo, do you?
Favourite cartoon character: I have about five or so...
As much as I keep claiming otherwise in my recent submissions, it seems that digital art has become one of my preferred manners of keeping myself entertained in my free time, which I have a decent amount of.  As such, you can expect to see a few more works from me in the near future: I have two scenes in mind from a game that I just recently completed, although I may not do one (and I'm just about to start on the other).  I also plan to redo a couple of my digital versions of my BLiNX drawings, although I'm not sure when I'll do so.  I might not submit on a very consistent schedule, as some of the things that I've been drawing recently aren't exactly the kind of art I'd want on here, but we'll see how it works out.

All in all, I guess I'm back for a little bit.
  • Listening to: Lots of random videogame and Disney music
  • Reading: A '93 Psych textbook
  • Watching: Some small percentage of my YouTube subscriptions
  • Playing: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
  • Eating: I forgot to eat today
  • Drinking: Water's generally a good thing to drink



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