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91 Vista-Like WS Wallpapers

This is my collection of widescreen wallpapers (1440 by 900 pixel resolution). They are all very beautiful and somewhat remind me of wallpapers that come with Windows Vista.

All wallpapers are download-able through the ZIP file I have uploaded.

Also... I did not create any of these wallpapers. They were all free and I found them on multiple websites throughout the past year.

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Thanks! I'll use these
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Thanks a lot!
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beautiful selection, thank you so much for this bundle
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I've already got a couple of them on InterfaceLIFT, but thanks anyway! :)
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Very nice work:)
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i love these wallpaper, and i have a wide screen 1440x900 windows vista cp so they are perfect for it! :)
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Thanks, they are VERY nice! :D
nvm i found out lols nice set
how do u download the zip file???
some1 pls tell me
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I have just bought a new display, so this is perfect! Thank you very much!
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thank you
worthy download..
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Great pack! They're in my resolution too!
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this pack is really awesome.. pity i am using 4:3 monitor... but i will crop them to fit.. good compilation...
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Brilliant a really good collection there ;)
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wOW! THIS what im looking for, i always search for the net for high res wallpapers but its here! thanks men where did you get this?
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These are awsome! Good job
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it reminds me of my own wallpaper folder xD
I've seen most of these and I have a few of them myself *g*

greetz.. have a nice day
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Nice idea

If anybody would like additional ones to these, use this site:

this is where most of them have come from to begin with and can be downloaded at much better resolutions for those of us with not so small a screen :)
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Woo thanks a lot! This is a must-have pack :thumbsup:
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