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The Spacebat
The Spacebat
By Arran J Middleton

How we mammals have always dreamed
Of the purest simplest freedom at hand
To soar across the earth and sky
The stars at our backs and the clouds ahead.
For so long the birds have flown
Gazing upon us in pity or pride
Until one mammal wished to fly
Stronger and higher than any other.
With rodent features and wings of flesh
Strewn under spindly arms
He tried again and again to take flight
Failing over the course of centuries.
And yet his descendants carried his spirit
Trying to fly, dying for freedom.
Until one day at last they rejoiced
When the first one flew high with pride.
The birds at first denied their presence
But were forced to accept their shining spirit
Learning instead their own ways of flight
With a voice to hunt instead of their eyes.
You would think that after achieving
The first and only dream of their kind
They would be happy merely to skim clouds
But alas, not all were so humble.
Some could only ever dream bigger
Higher tha
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 0 2
We Are All But Worms
We Are All But Worms
By FinalGamer
Rising from the ground
We stand before a new dawn
With a new list to create
Of obituaries
When we ready our arms
To fight them once again
The worms over there
On the greener side of grass
For too long have they
Punished us with their weapons
Their mortars and grenades
To make crater tombs for us
But no more when we
Have gained equal weaponry
To finally kill them all.
You would ask me why
What do worms have to fight for
Other than the grass here
No different from their grass
But it means much more
Than who has the greenest grass
Or the softest soil
It's all about power
To show those other worms
Who are the greatest worms
Among this hole-ridden
Battlefield of hate
When at the end of this day
When we are alive here
And they are all dead among scorched earth.
But do not think we hate them
When we shoot them all down
For you notice our smiles
Even when friends die
For to us it is nothing but a game
Where friends and enemies
Share the same cem
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 1 1
FinalGamer's Sprite ID by FinalGamer
Mature content
FinalGamer's Sprite ID :iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 2 2
Mature content
Sculptor of Blood :iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 1 3
Mature content
Oh How It Will Hurt :iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 5 1
Tears of Snow
Tears of Snow
By Arran J Middleton

On a cold Winter morning
All alone in the countryside
I made you
Within my lonely little mind.
Mother was cooking her pie
Father was away at work
And just me
With acres of snowfields and no lights of homes.
I dug into the snow
With sad small hands
And then began to sculpt away.
So cold but I didn't care
When my heart's not warm
Without a friend to hold me.
Slowly I made a friendly face
With a warm winter coat
Three buttons
And a trilby hat and scarf for you.
I ran a finger along your face
Made you smile with a touch
But then you winked
Through eyes of blackest coal shining at me.
And then I knew someone
Had seen me sad
And brought you to me back then.
I was scared to hug you
If you were not real
And you would cruelly melt away.
You thanked me for giving you a purpose
My sorrow was your reason
To be alive
And so we danced among the snowy fields.
You showed more than others had done
Walked through skies and across seas
Under the No
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 3 1
Time to Brawl by FinalGamer Time to Brawl :iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 2 10
Dreams I See Never End Youth
Dreams I See Never End Youth
By Arran J Middleton

A splatter of ink was all it took
To give spark to the smallest idea
Like the burst of flame beside an oil puddle
To bring forth light to all who see.
It started in a deep dark mine
Diamonds glistening with promise and cheer
To put upon a maiden's hand
Who was the fairest in all the land.
To add to this mixture of dreams
One needed two more ingredients.
The blood of a mother
And the tears of a child.
Once added a new age would dawn upon us
One of animated prosperity
Where trees can dream of human lives
And nightmarish wings glow with fantasies.
Following suit was a dreamer of cards
In the teatime of the never-ending race
Alongside a princess maid
With diamond eyes and glass slippers.
Flying high across our dreams
The master of dreams seemed to never stop
Not even when dogs would sleep
With thumbs bleeding into their silk.
Give me 8 and a half dozen stones
And I will show you the true king
While his shadow runs free with be
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 1 1
By FinalGamer

In the beginning there was us
Servants of a kingdom of innocence
Blessed with fungal heads
Filled with spores of knowledge.
A benevolent empire ruled us
If anything too benevolent
For some of us began to want more
Than mundane niceties.
A life lived in simple repetition
May as well not be a life at all
When we lusted for adventure
Beyond the kingdom borders.
One day came news of a lizard king
Young and eager to conquer all
With a passion for adventure
And a heart of darkness.
Some of us were frightened
While others were fascinated
Especially one of us in particular
Whose name was Agoom.
Eventually came dissatisfaction
Among the subjects of the kingdom
And one day it came
The day of the Mushroom Revolt.
A coup to aid the lizard king
To only fail in total banishment
To only work in our favour
As we became loyal to the tyrant enemy.
Fuelled by anger we began to change
As if poisoned by our greed
When the fungus on our heads collapsed
And rotted most foul
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 1 3
A Legendary Speech
A Legendary Speech
By FinalGamer

(In honour of the Legendary Pokemon)</i>
When you found me here
I expected respect from you
But instead all I saw was greed and pride
And an unnatural desire.
A desire to see your shelves
Filled with prisons of us
An army entombed in illogical darkness
All for you to fight your own battles.
And did you not even ask me
If I wanted to be my own beast?
Did you not even think of my peace
When I am a symbol of legend?
Do you want to destroy legends
By beating them down into slavery
Within balls to become chains
And strip away pages of folklore?
I am not your fighting pet
But neither shall you be mine
When all I wanted was solitude and respect
From mortals who dream of my visage.
I want to be fantasies of children
That they can forever dream of
Not to become their toys
To be abandoned in blankets of dust.
Why do you wish to have me
When my own shadow in your dreams complete you?
Is the magic trick not even more amazing
When you don't understand how
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 1 2
Prophecies of the Moon
Prophecies of the Moon
By Arran J Middleton

Many speak about the stars
But everyone knows of dear Luna
Floating aroundher brother Earth
Or perhaps Earth isher mother.
Like Eve came from Adam's rib
Some say the moon is a piece
Separated from the earthen womb
We live upon within steel anthills.
Some believe the oceans themselves
Are the subjects of the moon's love
Tugging at Mother's watery teats
Too old to us, too young to the universe.
Others claim it summons the clouds
To channel the power of lightning
As spiritual Aether, ghosts of the stars
To strike upon Mother in pubescent fury.
And then there are few who prophesise
That a phoenix shall rise from Olympus
To swallow the moon within blazing fire
As another sun, to banish night forever.
Many things are said of the silver sphere
Of a man, men or evenpink mice living within
Yet we shall never tire of its presence
Of healing hearts or shattering souls.
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 1 5
Mindless Dreams
Mindless Dreams
By Arran J Middleton

When the eye of the mind sleeps
Dreams awaken within me
To confuse, frighten, astound and inspire
The most resolute of ambitions within my soul.
What do I dream of in slumber,
Within fantastical reminescence
Where there are oceanic galaxies
And earthen chasms deeper than those oceans?
I dream of wiping acid tears off the face of trees
As I pass by on a ship powered by mist
Riding through the coldest fog of the night
Which twinkle all around me as if stars hide within.
The ship rides ever higher as I see the lowland plans
Arrested within the dampening mist
Except the bumps of the lands above it
Turning the smallest hills into the Himalayas.
Snow begins to cover the hills as I feel a chill
Not of natural winds but an unnatural presence
Of the ghosts from past and future
All wishing retribution unto me.
Within every ghost was a budding star
Unborn and dwarfened in purest form
Beating like a heart and then I realised
These were the ghosts
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 2 6
A Dream That May End Some Time
A Dream That May End Some Time
By FinalGamer

In the beginning stood the smallest hope
Of a young group of friends losing their will
Among the strongest rivals around them
Threatening them to extinction.
Gathering their strength they make a final strike
Against the world to show them all
That small they may be, they would not go
Quietly into the darkness of obscurity.
Their last dream however inspired many
Who heard their cry to the world
Of four young heroes in a fantasy
Bound by crystalline coding.
More came to them and supported their dream
Preventing their oblivion and spurring them on
Ever onwards to become greater
For their worthiest effort of all time.
The dream developed into something bigger
With a story binding it ever tighter
Yet the number of protagonists remain
Forever memorising words and pictures.
The first dragoon appeared among them
Aided also by the man known as Cid
As a name to forever be imbedded
Among the long-winding fantasia.
Then we gained new cloth
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 3 6
FG VS AJM by FinalGamer FG VS AJM :iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 0 0
Bust My Psyche
Bust my Psyche
By Arran John Middleton

It all began so many years ago
Before God came and 10 million before
The dinosaurs were dethroned
From their rightful natural place.
They say a flight came to this humble world
A final destination for those on board
The last thing they'd ever see for their trip
Would be walls of fire burning all but their souls.
The souls floated around the Earth
To clasp unto the living with tendriled minds
And shockwaves were never felt
Until one dreamer of space concocted theories.
Electric ribbons strung through them
Wrapped up in a bow to look pretty as cake
So it would be easier for others to swallow
Sweeter for them but not for others.
And among the adulterous robots
And intergalactic walruses
There lies the central cream of lava crop
Of the pseudoscientists.
Something can be done about it
They all say to the world
When some awaken by theta waves
And others by thetan brains.
A word in your ear
And a tongue slip here
Soothsayers of the modern w
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 1 14
Ode To Boomerang Flash
Ode to Boomerang Flash
By the FinalGamer

When the bell tolls for thee
The shadow of desire shall come for you
But not to bring you what you wish
Instead it brings what you never wished for.
With the hunger of a boomerang
And the speed of lightning
Comes the demon hunter
Betrayed by himself he rues to quench
His thirst for blood from the minds of the brave.
Once, twice, thrice and then fourth
Back, forth, then once again
He claims another soul to notch
On his boomerangs.
With a slice of hell from above
Circling from behind
Like a traumatic memory
He hounds after you
Yet silent as a ninja
The lightning before the thunder
No sound made until after the slice
Against your beating heart which you soon hear.
Tenacious in its hunt
It flies ahead in front of the prey
To swing back and land the blow
And fall back into the pit it crawled from.
Playing by an enemy's rules
To only become his own soul
Unstoppable until his end
When the demon's tongue ordered his fate
At the tower where
:iconfinalgamer:FinalGamer 3 3

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