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Rinoa vs. Tifa - Yami-Lamia
"Hey, welcome to the 7th Heaven Bar. What can I get for you?" Tifa Stood behind the bar of her pub and waited on a new customer. It was a woman in a long blue overcoat. She had black hair with a few blonde streaks. The woman looked at Tifa but ignored her. She walked over to the juke box and whistled. A dog came running up to her side. "Angelo, Search!" the dog, Angelo, began sniffing and digging around the jukebox then barked. "So it is here." Tifa turned pale. The woman looked around, "Tifa Lockheart, you are under arrest for starting and concealing an anti-government terrorist group." Tifa pushed the button for the silent alarm and put some materia in her pocket. "I'm not a terrorist. The real question is, Who are you??" Tifa put her gloves on and prepared for a fight. "I'm Rinoa Heartily. I work for Shin-Ra and this is the day we catch the legendary Tifa, dead or alive." Rinoa held up her right arm and fired a projectile at Tifa. Tifa attempted to dodge but it cut her left arm. "I
:iconfinalfantasyclub:FinalFantasyClub 3 0
Cloud vs. Vivi... - Yami-Lamia
Could walked along the shoreline with his Buster sword strapped to his back. As he walked, the foam lapped placidly at his boots. Cloud stopped suddenly and jumped to his left. As he sailed though the air, a sword charged with Firaga singed the bottom of his pant leg. Cloud landed and put two materia in his sword, Phoenix and 4x-Cut. "Cloud Strife! I challenge you to a duel to the death." Cloud put three materia in his bracelet, Bahamut, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut Zero. "On what basis? I never did anything to you." Cloud turned to face his opponent. The man was large, but smaller that Barret. He was wearing medieval armor. "Who are you?" The man lunged for Cloud, who blocked the attack. "I am Aldebert Steiner, her majesty's guard and leader of the Pluto Knights." Clouds blue eyes narrowed. "Another idiot who allowed Jenova to brainwash you. In memory of Aeris, for the planet, I must slay you."
   Steiner ran at Cloud and attacked furiously. Cloud blocked all but the last at
:iconfinalfantasyclub:FinalFantasyClub 0 0

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For Lovers of all FF things
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Hello everyone, my name's Chris ( HeightField )

Since the previous owner, ( Astarsia ) has recently had far too much on her plate, she has allowed me to step in to run the club. It's been a long time since any administrative work has been done, so I apologise if we've been a bit late responding to you.

I've managed to work the message count down from a couple of hundred to eleven. A lot of these were join requests and art submissions. It took a while, but I've managed to enter every member that applied. As for submissions, since I don't want to flood all of the member's message centers, I've decided not to post them. I've kept every submission, so if you want yours posted just send me a note and it'll go up.

I still have a lot to work out, so I ask that you please be a little patient with me. If you notice I've missed something, feel free to note me and tell me about it.  I know this club was once a thriving community due to astarsia's hard work, but hopefully we can revive it to it's former glory.

Here are the club rules and how to join:…

Member list (A-M):…

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Our affiliates:…


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clampfan101 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never played FFVII, but I can tell it's one of the best games ever! :D
I have played alot of FFX and liked it a whole lot :)

I have Crisis Core and love the bit of it I've played so far, but I have a consern - do you think Crisis Core would have too many spoilers for FFVII? should I wait until I play FFVII before I do Crisis Core?
manusia89 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
f**king love FF!!!!!!
FinalFantasy-Clan Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2009
join the Final Fantasy Clan! :D
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can i join this club <3
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join the Final Fantasy Clan! :D
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