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:pointr:Final Fantasy versus 13 has been renamed as Final Fantasy XV. (Check out the official trailer of 2013)

:pointr: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

:pointr: Final Fantasy Type-0/Agito
-Has not been announced yet

:pointr: Final Fantasy X HD/International be released for PS3 and Vita

:pointr:Check out this 3D hard-core fighting series of the famous Monty Oums' version of Final Fantasy vs Dead or Alive, Dead Fantasy.
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

[Previews of the next episodes]
Vincent makes an appearance || Rikku vs Ayane || Cloud's (voice acting) || Tifa waking up

:pointr:Final Fantasy Parody
A hilarious clip of a group of Final Fantasy heroes fighting against the summons.

--||Apps for the iPod/iPhone by Square Enix||--
__/**Only Free**\\__
:pointr:Final Fantasy Dimensions [Game]
:pointr:Crystal Defenders Lite [*Must pay if you want the full version;Game]

__/**Must Pay For**\\__
:pointr:Final Fantasy [Game]
:pointr:Final Fantasy II [Game]
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:pointr:Theatrhythm Final Fantasy [Game]
:pointr:Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions [Game]
:pointr:Voice Fantasy [Recorder/Entertainment]

:pointr:Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Larger-than-life Gallery

:pointr:Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Larger-than-Life Gallery

:pointr:Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy AR

:pointr:Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery

:pointr:Encyclopedia for Final Fantasy I-IX (1-9) (Unofficial)
Pretty cheap price

:pointr:Final Fantasy VII Compilation Wallpaper

:pointr:Sqaure Enix Characters Mail
kind of like adding new emotes

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Square Enix has clarified the episodic structure of its Final Fantasy 7 Remake, stating it will be comprised of multiple, full-sized games instead of a series of smaller episodes.

The details were revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer, in which producer Yoshinori Kitase said the development team was using Final Fantasy XIII series, which encompassed a total of three games, as the model.

"This reimagined epic will be the next core Final Fantasy instalment--or rather, instalments," Game Informer's writer states. "When the project was first announced, people were confused by its multi-part nature, but the goal is to structure it more like Final Fantasy XIII than an episodic series."…
Love seeing how much they've progressed already.  Can't wait to see it finished!…
Square Enix has been hard at work 'revitalizing' older games for new audiences. They have brought a number of Final Fantasy games to smartphones, have rebooted the Tomb Raider franchise and are working on bringing Final Fantasy 7 to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The latest Annual Report from Square Enix has revealed that the hype around the Final Fantasy 7  remake, as well as the mobile Final Fantasy ports, have proven strong enough for the company to want to recreate more of their older IP's.  

"We will revitalise some of our strong IPs in ways that meet the needs of the modern gaming market," reads the report. "For example, we will take an IP developed for earlier generations of game consoles and recreate it for the latest consoles, while also proactively developing versions for play on smart devices."

Square Enix's plans for the future have them taking their game remakes and making them viable in VR environments. they are interested in VR and new games too.

"We will also explore possibilities involving VR," continues the report. "We want our longtime fans to relish reliving past experiences with a freshness that only the latest in technology can provide, while at the same time have new customers enjoy the IP as though it were brand new. "
It almost sounds like Square Enix could be planning on taking a game like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and making it available for VR headsets. This isn't a stretch either, the Xbox One teamed up with Oculus to make the Oculus Rift VR headset compatible with Windows 10 and the Xbox One and Sony has their own VR headset.

Of course, Square Enix won't be so focused on remaking games that they forget to make new ones. They have plans to "sow the seeds of new content, and cultivate them constantly" across consoles, smartphones, PC, and arcades.

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