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Well then, I figured that I use my birthday as the day to officially announce that starting in May and throughout that month, a project that I've been busy working on the last four years, will finally commence. This will most likely be a surprise to absolutely no one, as that project in question is, Obscure VGGTS Month 3. Just like the last times I done this, all the pictures that are be uploaded are characters from all eras that are either haven’t or got a lack of size related drawings. What’s to be transpiring, throughout the month, I shall upload four pics and occasionally five per day. I would like to give special thanks to @SoLongMilk , @Nightcore100 , @Arias87 , @diego-toon-master , @MicroGamer1 , @BiggerBetterBarbie and @cubedcinder128 for their help with OVM3. Well then, I shall talk more about it in May.
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Happy New Year everyone. Here's to hope that 2023 will be better for us all.
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Christmas 2022

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"I’m making a list, I’m checking it twice and I can’t rhyme anything that can save my life" So yeah…doing a quick journal of things I’m hoping to get done before the Christmas. Haven’t done this in a really, really long time so I’m really rusty doing this. So bear with me; as this will be updated as much as I can. In the New Year, I’m aiming to get Progress Journal up and running again. With that said, here are pictures I'm working on leading up to Christmas. Pictures in Progress Bold text mean complete, Italic text means in progress & Normal text means not yet started. Post Christmas Pictures Thumb Wrestling Fire Punk For the Views Giant Advertising
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Madeline Hatter

don’t like to be a bother if you have time for a Request

would you pace in a Giantess version of Madeline Hatter

and a tiny guy version of Double D from Ed Edd N Eddy

in your style of art so Madeline has Double D in the middle

of her Gigantic Round soft boobs with Double D’s head

sticks out In the middle of her cleavage and Made has

her right hand under her boobs to gently press down

and she boob hugs Double D and Double D feels nerv

but he feels happy and safe with Madeline if this sounds

alright with you on requests ?

Yo~ Pal~

Better late than ever. Thanks 4 the WATCH!

I hope you will like my artworks in the future! :D :D :D

Thanks for the watch.

Sir, Can I Ask You Something?

Thank you for the watching✨

Hi there do you rp

Happy Birthday! 🎇🎆🎉🎊🎁🎂🎈