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♬I always feel like somebody's watching me!♬

Well, second month in the new year, and still, I shan't let the 'fisherman' down as he believes in me. The deadline is ahead of me, so much to get done but I still have plenty time till August arrives. Wish us luck. 

So, I shall see you all in Spring. 

Coming up: TBA

Currently empty

Bold text mean complete, Italic text means in progress & Normal text means yet started


  1. Between a Rock & a Soft Place (Maud Pie-EQG style) 
  2. Dark Stomp (Dark Samus) *part of Smashed!*

Pictures in Progress

*Ideas either by me or suggestions/inspirations/recommendation from others which to be drawn at some point alongside regular requests*




Currently empty

 Birthday/Holiday requests


  1. Above the Enemies-post birthday request by Tman0064 (Beruka-Fire Emblem series) (TBA)
  2. Royalty Tour Guide 3 (Zelda-Smash Ultimate) Birthday request by SoLongMilk (TBA)
  3. Sole on the Queen (Queen Chrysalis-MLP) birthday request by yasahiro1011 (TBA)
  4. Concert City (Vlada the Vampire-OC) birthday request by nickhalperin (TBA)



Status: Open

*Working on these* 
  1. One of the Girls-Commissioned by PartyMilk (Linka & girl Clyde-Loud House)
  2. Biker Princess-Commissioned by PartyMilk (Princess Daisy-Super Mario Bros) 
  3. Hurt to Butt-Commissioned by edboy237 (Sweetie Belle-Equestria Girls)
  4. Out of this World-Commissioned by PartMilk (Dorothy Ann-The Magic School Bus *Original*)
  5. Texting from High Above-Commissioned by PartyMilk (Lori Loud & Carol Pingrey-The Loud House)
  6. Safety by Feet-Commissioned by PartyMilk (Phoebe Terese-The Magic School Bus *Original*)
  7. Night Walking-Commissioned by PartyMilk (Luan & Maggie-Loud House)
  8. Cave Girl-commissioned by KallyToonsStudios (Frances-Sonic X)
  9. Android Above-commissioned by yasahiro1011 (Android 21-Dragon Ball Fighterz)
  10. Littler Brother-commissioned by Hamtoastie (Leni Loud-Loud House) 
  11. Experiment Backfired-commissioned by checkerboardcn (Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer & Sci-Twi-EQG) 
  12. Finger on a City-commissioned by Anon371 (*anthropomorphic* Pinkie Pie-MLP)   
  13. Growing Growth-commissioned by gfhxtbdncjcg (willow-don't starve) awaiting payment 


Starting from last year, I've decided on doing a 'VIP' status for a few people, as a way of thanks for being a friend to me during my time here under the Final7Darkness name. These individuals listed below have VIP status and will have their requests to be moved to the top of the queue versus regular requests.

:iconcubedcinder128: :iconbiggerbetterbarbie: :icondiego-toon-master: :iconarias87: :iconyasahiro1011: :iconsolongmilk: :iconnightcore100: :iconpartymilk:

VIP Requests

  1. The Dangers of Cleaning-VIP request by SoLongMilk (Velvet-Tales of Berseria)
  2. Watch out Below!-VIP request by Barbie (Olivia-Pokemon series)
  3. The Chuckling Giantess-VIP request by SoLongMilk (Minerva-Fire Emblem series)
  4. *Untitled Picture* by Nightcore100 (Shrinking Violet-legion of superheroes)
  5. *Untitled Picture* by Nightcore100 (Wasp-The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes)
  6. Impact Ruse-by Yasahiro1011 (Midna-Zelda series)
  7. Towards Easy Victory-by SolongMilk (Celica-Fire Emblem series)
  8. Lacking Lady-by SoLongMilk (Noel-Blazblue series)
  9. Madness and Mayhem-by Cubed (Orchid and Maya-Killer Instinct series)
  10. Princess Protectors-by BiggerBetterBarbie (Sailor Moon-Sailor Moon & Bloom-Winx Club)
  11. That was Easy-by diego-toon-master (Toon Zelda-Zelda series) 
  12. Hanging Crown-by Arias87  (Ariel & Melody-Little Mermaid) 
  13. Nature Earth-by PartyMilk (Viridi-Kid Icarus & Dryad-Terraria)
  14. Step Towards Snowy City-by PartyMilk (Wendy Testaburger-South Park)
  15. *Untitled Picture* -by PartyMilk  (Mindy-SpongeBob) 

Core Request *class as a VIP request*

  1.  A Mushroomy Growth-(Mushroom Magistrate-Let it Die) requested by Yasahiro1011 (1/5*planned amount*) 


Planning Ahead

*These are pictures that are ideas either by me or suggestions/inspirations from VIPs which are to be drawn ahead of time* 

  • Future pictures

  1. Dark Stomp (Dark Samus) *part of Smashed!*
  2. Double Bomb-suggested by PartyMilk (Princess Peach & Daisy) *part of Smashed!*
  3. Frosty (Mei-Overwatch) -suggested by trohobo
  4. Honey Toes (Queen Bea-Secret Squirrel) by umbreonthewhovian
  5. Revenge on Mother Heartless (Rapunzel-Kingdom Hearts series)suggested by SoLongMilk
  6. At the Bistro (Xion-Kingdom hearts series) suggested by SoLongMilk
  7. Ominous Omnigiantess (Anti-Aqua-Kingdom Hearts series) Suggested by SoLongMilk
  8. Vanitas Bye Bye (Aqua-kingdom hearts series)
  9. Too Late! (Anti-Aqua-Kingdom Hearts series)
  10. Relaxing at Twilight (Xion & Olette-Kingdom hearts series)
  11. Tears of Joy (Xion-Kingdom hearts series)
  12. Don't Forget (Naminé-Kingdom Hearts series)  

  • April Fools (1st April)
  1. A Little Joke (Luan Loud-The Loud House)
  2. A Fool's Joke (Harley Quinn-Batman series)
  3. Prank a Big Way (Keesha-Magic School Bus) requested by PartyMilk

  • Easter (21st April) 
  1. Easter Gift to Robot (Princess Apple) requested by Cubed 
  2. Easter in the City (Cream, Vanilla, and Bunnie Rabbot-sonic series) requested by BiggerBetterBarbie  
  3. Bunny Rampage the City (Harriet-Mario series)
  4. *untitled picture* (Lopunny-Pokemon series)
  5. Easter Handouts (Fionna the Human-Adventure Time) requested by PartyMilk

  • Mother's Day (Uk 31st March) (US 12th May)
  1. Giant Fishing (Lana and her mother-Pokemon series) mother's day request by BiggerBetterBarbie  
  2. Waves from Toe (Maria Santiago-Loud House) Mother's Day(UK) Mother's day request by PartyMilk
  3. Mother's Day Cards (Rita Loud-Loud House) Mother's Day request by Cubed
  4. Sole Daughters (Earthia-Sonic series) Mother's Day request by umbreonthewhovian
  5. A Mother's Rampage- (Female Corrin-Fire Emblem series) Mother's Day request by SoLongMilk
  6. *untitled picture* (Sophitia-Soul Calibur) 
  7. Unaware Mom (Mom-Hidden my Game by Mom)
  8. That's my Girl (Ryoba Aishi-Yandere Simulator)
  9. (Lilly-Grandia) 
  10. Story Time (Rosalina-Mario series)
  11. Quality Bonding Time (Nora-Fallout series)
  12. *untitled picture* (5-Volt-Wario series)
  13. *untitled picture* (Queen Remedi-Final fantasy tactics advance) 

  • Father's Day (16th June) 
  1. Father Caught (Violet Parr-The Incredibles) Father's Day request by PartyMilk

  • Summer Sizzler 2019 (21st June-1st September)
  1. Lifeguard to the Rescue (Wendy-Gravity Falls) requested by PartyMilk
  2. Between a Rock & a Soft Place (Maud Pie-EQG style) 

  • Back to School 2019
  1. Glad to be Back at School (Ms. Dimartino-The Loud House) requested by PartyMilk

  • Halloween Pictures (31st October)

  1. Goths in the City-Halloween request by PartyMilk (Lucy Loud & Haiku-The Loud House)
  2. Run a Ducks (Magica De Spell-Ducktales 2017) *optional*
  3. They Came from Somewhere Else (Romani-Zelda series)
  4. Zombie! (Sakura Minamoto-Zombieland Saga)
  • OVM2 Pictures in progress

*These are pictures that are ideas either by me or suggestions/inspirations from others which are drawn alongside regular requests* 

  1. Anger of the She-Pirate (Jolene-Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass)-suggested by diego-toon-maste
  2. Earth's Biggest Mightiest Defender (Joanna-Perfect Dark)-suggested by Cubed   
  3. Picture of the Werehog (Lah-Sonic the Hedgehog)-suggested/requested by speedythehedgehog123 
  4. Shifter Swatter (Yunica-Gravity Rush)-suggested by MegamiYonko 
  5. The Bigger Shifter (Raven-Gravity Rush)-suggested by MegamiYonko 
  6. Big Commando (Fio-Metal Slugs)-suggested by arias87   
  7. Uncharted Heights (Chloe-Uncharted)
  8. Symbology Misgrowth (Fiore-Star Ocean series)
  9. Story Time (Shirma-FF Fables: Chocobo Tales) 
  10. Mishap of Magic (Croma- FF Fables Chocobo's Dungeon-GTS drawing) *inspiration from diego-toon-master 
  11. A Miracle Size (Effie-Street Fighter-GTS drawing) 
  12. Little Biggest Adventure (Zoe & Zoe Clone-Little Big Adventure-GTS drawing) 
  13. The Diva of the Battlefield (Praline a la Mode-Bravely series-GTS drawing)
  14. Teasing Against the Small Players-(Chiaki-Danganronpa)-suggested by sakis6798
  15. Worshipper of the Soles-(Sonia-Danganronpa)-suggested by sakis6798
  16. Shadow Interests (Linda-Okage: Shadow King)
  17. City within Palms-(Princess Elise-Sonic The Hedgehog 06)-suggested by PartyMilk
  18. Return of the Penguin-(Cadence-Club Penguin) -suggested by PartyMilk
  19. Above the Island-(Curly Brace-Cave Story)-suggested by PartyMilk
  20. Mountain High Enough-(Madeline-Celeste)-suggested by PartyMilk 
  21. Powerful Genie-(Shahra-Sonic series)-suggested by PartyMilk 
  22. Praise to be Remembered-(Holly Lingerbean-shantae series)-suggested by PartyMilk 
  23. Step the City One-(Robin-Iconoclasts)-suggested by PartyMilk  
  24. Towering Strikey Sisters-(Marie and Elene-Strikey Sisters)-suggested by PartyMilk 
  25. Tears (Eve-Binding of Isaac)-suggested by PartyMilk
  26. The Mustache Hero (Mustache girl-A Hat In Time)-suggested by PartyMilk
  27. Army Stomping-(Xoda Rap-Noitu Love 2)-suggested by PartyMilk
  28. G.U.N Remover-(Maria Robotnik-Sonic series)-suggested by PartyMilk 
  29. Shouldn't Have Rummage (Cassie-Uncharted) 
  30. Pirates Begone  (Leah-Deadstorm Pirates)
  31. *untitled picture* (Betilla-Rayman series) -suggested by PartyMilk 
  32. *untitled picture* (Holly Luya -Rayman series) -suggested by PartyMilk 
  33. *untitled picture* (Edith Up -Rayman series) -suggested by PartyMilk 
  34. *untitled picture* (Annetta Fish -Rayman series) -suggested by PartyMilk 
  35. *untitled picture* (Helena Handbasket -Rayman series) -suggested by PartyMilk 
  36. *untitled picture* (Voodoo Mama -Rayman series) -suggested by PartyMilk 
  37. *untitled picture*  (Roll-Billy Hatchet)
  38. *untitled picture*  (Shade the Echidna-Sonic Cronicles)
  39. Treasure Keep Away (Captain Rose-Zack & Wiki)
  40. *untitled picture* (Fina-Skies of Arcadia)
  41. *untitled picture* (Aya Brea-Parasite Eve)
  42. *untitled picture* (Kos-Mos-Xenosaga)
  43. *untitled picture* (Shion Uzuki-Xenosaga)
  44. *untitled picture* (Momo-Xenosaga)
  45. *untitled picture* (Cecilia Lynn Adlehyde-Wild Arms series)
  46. *untitled picture* (Virginia Maxwell-Wild Arms series)
  47. My Hands-(Serah Farron-FF13)
  48. Little Turks Interactions-(Elena-FF7) 
  49. A Maid’s Smile-(Meja- FF Fables Chocobo's Dungeon)
  50. The Black Smith Welcome-(Freja- FF Fables Chocobo's Dungeon)
  51. Roaming of the White Mage-(Shirma- FF Fables Chocobo's Dungeon)
  52. Easy Pickings-(Irma- FF Chocobo Tales)
  53. Big on the Beach-(Cissnei- FF7 Crisis Core)
  54. Magic Little Hands-( Leblanc-FF10-2)
  55. To Wake a Sleeping Daughter-( Ursula-FF4AY)
  56. The Odd Law Card-(Ritz-FFTA)
  57. The Little Crystal Bearer-(Princess Althea Sol Alfitaria-CB)
  58. To Be Naughty or to be Nice (Mira-CC: My Life as a Darklord) 
  59. Her Little King-(Chime-CC: My Life as a King)
  60. Vast among Machines (Aloy-Horizon Zero Dawn)
  61. Happily Ever After (Princess Medea-Dragon Quest 8)
  62. Special Effects (Melanie-3D Movie Maker)
  63. Only Giant (Quake Woman-Comic Mega Man) suggested by Cubed
  64. Net Battle On Her Desk (Ms. Mari -Mega Man Battle Network) suggested by Cubed
  65. *Untitled Picture* (Sonia-Mega Man Shooting Star) suggested by yasahiro1011
  66. Amuse by a Teleport Glitch (Rouge and Joan-Mega Man Zero series) 
  67. Outgrow the Castle (Kalinka-Classic) 
  68. Easy Victory  (Aile-Mega Man ZX series)
  69. *untitled picture* (Bad Box art Roll)
  70. Princess Palms (Princess Pride-Battle Network) suggested by diego-toon-master 
  71. *Untitled Picture* (Ms.Millions-Battle Network) suggested by diego-toon-master 
  72. *Untitled Picture* (Miyu-Battle Network) suggested by diego-toon-master 
  73. *Untitled Picture* (Sal-Battle network) suggested by diego-toon-master 
  74. New Day Rule (Uzuki Yashiro-The World Ends with You)
  75. The Squad's Biggest Ass'ets (Kai Schulen-Valkyria Chronicles 4)
  76. Giant Blow Kisses (three ladies from OutRun 2) *suggested by Cubed*
  77. Above the Icy Mountain (Akari Hayami-1080 Snowboarding) *suggested by Cubed*
  78. Hand Landing (Ibis-Pilotwings 64) *suggested by Cubed*
  79. Like a Toy (Kiwi-Pilotwings 64) *suggested by Cubed* 
  80. Shoot the Giant Monster! (Robin-Pilotwings 64) *suggested by Cubed*
  81. The Big Sting (Q-Bee-Darkstalkers) *suggested by Cubed* 
  82. Another Way to Save the Neighbors (Julie-Zombies Ate my Neighbors) 
  83. More Skeleton Fun (Lupe-Grim Fanango) 
  84. Goodbye Nurse! (Nurse-Silent Hill series) 
  85. Naughty Benevolence (Angle Alice-Bendy and the Ink Machine) 
  86. Biggest Secretary of Clock Town (Receptionist-Majora's mask) *suggested by eli-j-brony*
  87. The Bigger Sisters (Daisy, Violet, and Lily-Pokemon series) *suggested by BiggerBetterBarbie*
  88. Big Blow Kisses (Princess Shokora-Wario series) *suggested by Partymilk & BiggerBetterBarbie*
  89. Livin' Big In the City (Risa-Pokemon series)  *suggested by BiggerBetterBarbie*
  90. Legendary on Shoulder (Molly Hale *Teenager*-Pokemon series) *suggested by BiggerBetterBarbie* 
  91. Encouraging Hug (Mermaid-The Legendary Starfy) *suggested by PartyMilk * 
  92. Fruit Picker (Brittany-Pikmin series) *suggested by PartyMilk * 
  93. Their Happy Ending (Lady Timpani-Mario series) *suggested by PartyMilk * 
  94. The Rapping Giant (Latisha-ToeJam and Earl series) *suggested by Cubed*
  95. Big in the Future (Laverne-Day of the Tentacle)
  96. Attack from the Lady (Lady Maria-Bloodborne) *suggested by yasahiro1011*
  97. City Goodbye (Zazie-Boktai) *suggested by yasahiro1011*
  98. *Untitled Picture* (Blaze Fielding-Streets of Rage) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  99. *Untitled Picture* (Lilina-Fire Emblem) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  100. *Untitled Picture* (Ursula-Fire Emblem) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  101. *Untitled Picture* (Nino-Fire Emblem) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  102. *Untitled Picture* (Rebecca-Fire Emblem) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  103. One Sided Victory (Sami-Advance Wars) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  104. *Untitled Picture* (Sasha-Advance Wars) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  105. *Untitled Picture*(Rachel-Advance Wars) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  106. *Untitled Picture*(Sonja-Advance Wars) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  107. *Untitled Picture*(Tasha-Advance Wars) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  108. *Untitled Picture*(Tabitha-Advance Wars) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  109. Angels So Long  (Jeanne-Bayonetta) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  110. Big Dragon (Myrrh-Fire Emblem series) *suggested by SoLongMilk *
  111. *Untitled Picture* (Fiora-Xenoblade) *suggested by SoLongMilk *
  112. *Untitled Picture* (Kairi-Kingdom Hearts series) *suggested by SoLongMilk *
  113. *Untitled Picture* (Edea Lee-Bravely Default) *suggested by SoLongMilk * 
  114. Worshipping the Nintendo Switch Lady (Amelia N-Nintendo Switch) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  115. Notes (Nikki Swapnote) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  116. Stage Builder (Mary O-Super Mario Maker) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  117. Shocking (Pandoria-Xenoblade) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  118. *Untitled Picture* (Sayori-Doki Doki Literature Club) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  119. Reading Together (Yuri-Doki Doki Literature Club) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  120. Whom the Shorty One? (Natsuki-Doki Doki Literature Club) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  121. Just Monika (Monika-Doki Doki Literature Club)*suggested by PartyMilk *
  122. *Untitled Picture* (Yae-Mystical Ninja) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  123. *Untitled Picture* (Gum-Jet Set Radio) *suggested by PartyMilk *
  124. Run Toys Run (Girl-Toy Blast) *suggested by BiggerBetterBarbie* 
  125. *Untitled Picture* (Mica-Startropics)
  126. Too Big a Racer (Ayumi Stewart-wave racer 64) 
  127. Big City (Miyu-Star Fox series)
  128. Do a Barrel Roll! (Fay-Star Fox series)
  129. Ridge Racer Girl (Reiko Nagase-Ridge Racer series)
  130. Easy when Big (Pocky-Pocky & Rocky)
  131. Sleepy (Princess Tippi-Ribbit King)
  132. Big Personality (Kaede Smith-Killer7)
  133. Handful of Souls (Lenneth-Valkyrie Profile)
  134. Unaffected Bullet Hell (Momo Barasoto-Muchi Muchi Pork)

Completed OVM2 Pictures: 50/140*

(*Target amount though goal amount may be a subject of change at later date*)


  1. Bestowed the Height of a Goddess-*suggested by arias87* 
  2. Smile for the Camera 
  3. The Time for Relaxing 
  4. The Uncharted Wife-*suggested by arias87* 
  5. Welcome to Stardew Valley 
  6. Unfair Height Advantage 
  7. Say Cheese-*suggested by krimsionsoul*  
  8. Another New Track-*suggested by Cubed* 
  9. You Still Call this Flat! 
  10. Love at High Heights 
  11. Paper Beats Rock! 
  12. That's a Good Kitty Cat 
  13. Oh You Behave Gecko 
  14. Cel Stomping 
  15. Green Hills Zone 
  16. Tasty Looking 
  17. The Biggest Ba'al Buster Ever 
  18. Another Bikini Stomping 
  19. Run Brother Run! 
  20. The Little Servant Duties 
  21. Waiting for the First Punch*suggested by Arias87* 
  22. Digital Downsize of Sly 
  23. Little Trainer 
  24. The Sight that all Birds See *suggested by Cubed*
  25. Bros' Ride a Star 
  26. A Itty Bitty Demon King *suggested by ConkerGuru*  
  27. Wipe the Bottom *suggested by Cubed* 
  28. Bucket Removed *suggested by ConkerGuru* & *BiggerBetterBarbie*
  29. A Reward for the Klown 
  30. Speech Bubbles 
  31. Bacon Flees 
  32. Another Kind of Rescue *suggested by coolkidmcawesome* 
  33. Sign My Banana *suggested by diego-toon-master* 
  34. Pebble Scree 
  35. Feast for the Shadow 
  36. Pew Pew 
  37. Another Timeline
  38. Hugging Her Inspiration 
  39. Arabian Stomp *suggested by Cubed*
  40. Caught a Shrunken Sneaker
  41. The Chase is Over
  42. Little Grasshopper! 
  43. A New Gigas in Town
  44. Shorty Laughter
  45. Loving Hug from the Littlest Princess 
  46. Demonic Atmosphere *suggested by PartyMilk*
  47. Reporting *suggested by PartyMilk *
  48. Whoops!
  49. Arrested the Multiverse Terrorist! 
  50. Where on Earth! 
  51. Gotta Get in There! 
It is not yet time for slumber, so much work is left to do.


The Big Dinner Date
Valentine's Day 2019

This is an Valentine's Day Art-Trade with 

For his half, he wanted Serena from the Pokemon series having a dinner date with a shrunken Ash. 

Hope this is what you wanted  
Love Search
Valentine's Day 2019

This is a Valentine's Day request by :icondiego-toon-master: 

He requested for 
Anju as a giantess as she tries searching for her lover Kafei within Clock Town. 

Hope this is what you wanted 
Omnigiantess Couple
Valentine's Day 2019

This is a Valentine's Day 
commissioned by :iconpartymilk: 

He commissioned for Princess Bubblegum & Marceline from Adventure Time as o
mnigiantesses having the earth wedged between their breasts.  

hope this is what you wanted 


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom


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JaredtheFox92 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
My part of the art trade is slowly progressing:
W.I.P: I cannot draw canon characters right.. by JaredtheFox92
borockman Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave.
MorphTheDreamSailor Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018  New Deviant
Hello there. I was wondering if you accepted requests? I have an idea on mind and wanted to know if you would like to hear it, since I really like your art style.
Final7Darkness Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Note me and we see where we go from there. 
Arias87 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw this and got the feeling that you might like it ;)

Smash Your Valentine by Mgx0
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