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Our focus here is being one of the biggest Final Fantasy groups on deviantart. We accept all kind of art (fan art, drawings, wallpapers, icons, gifs, signatures, cosplays, etc). We accept art related to Kingdom Hearts too!

Rules: No fighting, no stealing and no trolling. Joining the group, submitting your works and leaving immediately afterwards, will get you banned and your works will be removed from the gallery.

Nuestro enfoque aquí es ser uno de los más grandes grupos de Final Fantasy en deviantart. Aceptamos todo tipo de arte (fan art, dibujos, wallpapers, íconos, gifs, firmas, cosplays, etc). ¡Aceptamos arte relacionado con Kingdom Hearts también!

Reglas: No pelear, no robar y no trollear. Si te unes, subes tus trabajos y dejas el grupo inmediatamente después, serás baneado y tus trabajos serán removidos de la galería.
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Gaia by ShiroiShi
Emet Selch by Yllande
Y'shtola FFXIV Shadowbringers Fan Art v2 by Arc-Tempered-PhoeniX
Miho ~ Final Fantasy XIV by NibelArt
Featured -KH-
Sora(Ventus Reincarnate AU) in Quadratum by HaoRoku
KH2 Twilight Town Trio by DaniZaya
Kingdom Hearts by SmudgedPixelsArt
Kairi in Midgar by VanillaSkirts
Featured -FF7-
SAFER SEPHIROTH by Asgardian-Mischief
Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Print by VGAfanatic
20200808 Cloud by tfernandesart
City of Ancients 1/4 by Frakimi
Featured FF1-FF6
As If I'm Your Knight by HansCampanella
31/365 by MiaMarina
Celes by Kyneonpy
Rydia - Final Fantasy IV by LadyDaniela89
Featured FF8-FF9
Zidane Tribal by Atropicus
Irvine Kinneas Cosplay -2- by HowellJenkinsSama
FFIX: Zidane and Garnet (Greatest Showman ref) by benteja
Featured FF10-FF12
They're still at it by ReachFarHigh
Arttrober 02 - Fran (FFXII) by DigiFlohw
Final Fantasy X by bearcub
Featured FF13-FF15
Noctis cosplay - In the field of Sylleblossoms by AlexShtein
Lightning by Apone3D
Serah Farron Cosplay by AllyAuer
Guardian Corps - Lightning by raikoart
Featured -FF16-
Final Fantasy XVI: Jill Warrick by dagga19
[MMD] You shall taste despair. by ichsanxiu
Ritz Malheur - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance by KaterinaMarieee
A New Journey by Jun-Himekawa
Life is short... Bury! STASIS SWORD! by Kylogram
Featured -Crossovers-
Sephiroth and Junko by NyaTanni
White Mage and Moogle (Mario Sports Mix) by Mystar21
Cyberpunk Cloud Strife by kewlguy133
Xion x 2B Commission by mattikarp
.DO NOT use this folder -stuff will be deleted-
Kingdom Hearts -Mature NOT accepted-
ReMind - Sea Salt by crimson-firelight
Kingdom Hearts -closed-
Cloud from KingdomHearts1 by PhillipzAlexander
Final Fantasy 1-2-3
Emperor Mateus by AleksiRemesArt
Final Fantasy 1-2-3 -closed-
Fiend of Earth by Kugawattan
Final Fantasy 4
Golbez by AleksiRemesArt
Final Fantasy 4 -closed-
Final Fantasy IV - Scarmiglione (Mount Ordeals) by SoulStryder210
Final Fantasy 5
Krile by ClaraKerber
Final Fantasy 5 -closed-
Bartz Klauser and Boko - Final Fantasy V by Sara9494
Final Fantasy 6
20190628 [Shadow] by tfernandesart
Final Fantasy 6 -closed-
FFVI comic - page 166 by ClaraKerber
Final Fantasy 7 -Mature NOT accepted-
The Good Old Days - Souvenir Photo by Kaena22
Final Fantasy 7 -closed-
FFVII Remake-Tifa-Summer by Vera-White
Final Fantasy 8
Waltz for the Moon by Keyburado
Final Fantasy 8 -closed-
Isn't he adorable Squall? [FFVIII/FFD/WoFF] by Lylisaurus
Final Fantasy 9
Happy Birthday Garnet by SorasPrincesss
Final Fantasy 9 -closed-
Vivi by GoldiesChocobo87
Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2
The Summoner by Skirtzzz
Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 -closed-
Rikku the Siren by Medusa-the-Eternal
Final Fantasy 12
Judge Gabranth by Jun-Himekawa
Final Fantasy 12 -closed-
FFXII Archer by vhyrel
Final Fantasy 13
[MMD] Saviour by Junairo
Final Fantasy 13 -closed-
Lightning by ettan2017
Final Fantasy 15
Noctis by Frostbite07
Final Fantasy 15 -closed-
The Ultimate Pose by Norm27
Final Fantasy 16
Shiva - Final Fantasy XVI by Kimiya98
Final Fantasy 16 -closed-
Final Fantasy XVI Protagonist color by Manayuka
Final Fantasy Online -Mature NOT accepted-
Good Morning (FFXIV Portrait) by maryamyth
Final Fantasy Online -closed-
SainQuinn Kiss by Milady-Alluca
Final Fantasy Dissidia
The Ultima Weapon Warriors by JQroxks21
Final Fantasy Dissidia -closed-
Stand Strong by oruntia
Final Fantasy Tactics
Ritz Malheur - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance by KaterinaMarieee
Final Fantasy Tactics -closed-
White Mage by GoldiesChocobo87
Final Fantasy Type-0
NINE by Captain-Toki
Final Fantasy Type-0 -closed-
Machina by SenpaiTaco-sama
Other Final Fantasy games
MFF_Aerith Echo by stashingstuff
Other Final Fantasy games -closed-
Luka FFBE [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius character] by Mylphe
Ready To Mobilize by Kojithedark
Crossovers -closed-
Cloudette vs Bowsette by S-Kensei-Mas
Original characters
Final Fantasy Concept -- Other Characters by Green-Mamba
Original characters -closed-
Maku Dragoon by KristKC
Original stories and fanfics -closed-
Mardy (Vincent x Reader)Am I always destined to fail?I’m a disappointment. I can’t do anything right!What went wrong?The thoughts just keep piling up in your head the longer you stare at your hot tray of freshly baked donuts. Whose idea was it to bake donuts? Oh right, yours. Is this your punishment for desiring a healthier dessert? You’re not really fond of them to begin with but you watched a video on how to bake them and it looked fairly easy, so you wanted to give it a try yourself. Lo and behold, the end results aren’t as appetizing as the ones in the video showed. However, since it took you time and effort to make them, you can’t bring yourself to throw them away. After a minute of contemplation, you decide to finish what you started by decorating them. Hopefully after you’re done, they will look and taste better.“Aaaaand we’re done!” you whisper as you place the last donut you’ve just dipped in chocolate next to the other ones. They don’t look as mouthwatering as you originally planned but at this point you don’t care. You’re grateful, however, that you only made eight and not a whole dozen of them; otherwise you’ll have to eat most of them all by yourself.You grab one, raising it to your nose and you immediately get a whiff of the delicious, slightly runny chocolate glaze and the warm dough. You pray to God it tastes just as good as it smells. You bring it down to your mouth, “Poor Vincent. He has to endure the products of my poor baking skills.” you tell yourself before taking a bite.“So what do I have to endure today?”You never expected to get a response to that statement, so when you hear your husband’s deep amused voice coming from behind you, you freeze for a moment before slowly turning to meet his gaze, the donut still in your mouth. He’s leaning on the kitchen’s doorframe, hands in his pockets and wearing an amused expression on his face. “Baked donuts.” you reply with a full mouth after putting the donut back on the plate. He takes a few steps forward till he’s now standing next to you, curiously eyeing the rather colorful dessert.“They turned out a little dry, but the dipping helped soften them a bit.” you avert your eyes from him and release a tired sigh. You already know you’re not a good baker but it still stings. You wish you could’ve at least got this recipe right on the first try. It wasn’t that hard. Anyone could do it, so why couldn’t you?Lost in your pool of negative thoughts, you don’t realize that Vincent’s vision shifted to you, now observing your face and noticing your knitted eyebrows, your pressed lips and the harsh glares shooting from your eyes to dig new holes into the poor donuts. Vincent’s saddened by your state. He’s aware of how hard you beat yourself up over trivial matters; never giving yourself enough credit. He recalls how excited you were yesterday when you told him you were trying something new; now you’re standing here next to him on the verge of tears. But unbeknown to you, whatever you make always ends up better than how you make it out to be.“Anyway, tell me what you think. I might be wrong. I don’t know.” You shrug and cross your arms, turning to lean on the counter. Vincent stretches his arm and grabs the closest one to him then takes a big bite. Your curiosity gets the better of you, forcing you to steal swift glances of him. You think you might be able to tell whether or not he hates it by his facial expressions. Unfortunately, having a husband who’s known for his stoic face doesn’t help at all. You internally facepalm at the thought. All you can do now is wait for him to voice his opinion.“It’s good.” He finally says. You eye him suspiciously.“No, it’s not. You’re just trying to be nice.”“For your first attempt, it didn’t turn out inedible."That earns a lighthearted chuckle from you. Although he didn’t give you any details, he’s right. They’re not that bad, not completely burnt or rock-hard. Maybe you did do a decent job after all. The power that man has over your moods.You give a quick glance at the donuts before settling your vision on Vincent and nod. “Good point.” You pause, “So does that mean you’re willing to eat half of them?” you quirk an eyebrow. “Yeah.” He gives you a gentle smile.He softly cups your cheek with his clean hand, rubbing smooth circles with his thumb, then leans down to give you a light peck on the forehead.“_____, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.”The spot where he kissed you along with the tips of your ears feel warmer and your eyes bashfully dart down to his chest. “I guess I shouldn’t. T-Thanks, Vincent. For uh… y’know.”He uses the hand on your cheek to lift your chin up so you can look at him, then what leaves his mouth next shocks you so much that you believe for a moment that you might’ve misheard him. Never thought you’d be alive to witness Vincent make a pun.“Next time will be better. What’s important is that you… donut give up.”“…”“…”“…”“I’ll see myself out.”You burst out laughing.***You’re currently seated comfortably on the sofa; Vincent’s occupied with a book while you’re on your phone, looking up new recipes. When nothing piques your interest or your taste buds, you loudly huff and toss your phone beside you. Vincent senses your displeasure and looks up from his book. “What’s wrong?”“Nothing. I just couldn’t find an easy recipe that won’t make me sulky.”“I see.”Then an idea clicks in your head.“Hey, what do you think I should make next? Give me a suggestion. Nothing too fancy though.”He snaps the book shut with a low thud and hums in thought. It doesn’t take him long to give you an answer. “Ice-cream.”“Ice-cream? You don’t like ice-cream.”He takes a deep breath and his lips curve upwards in a subtle smile, remembering older, simpler times. “My father used to make it when I was a child. But after he passed, it never occurred to me to eat it again. I guess I only liked homemade ice-cream.”Your eyes slightly widen and your lips part. You never knew about that until today. Vincent rarely speaks of his father because he was always away, always working; but knowing him and seeing the look on his face now, you know he really loved his father and still cherishes every moment he got to spend with him. Sharing this memory with you makes you feel grateful and your heart flutter in your chest. You take his hand and cross your fingers together, then bring it to your face and give it a lingering kiss. You stare into his dreamy, spellbinding eyes that never fail to captivate you; and he, in turn, sees and feels what yours want to convey. He reciprocally squeezes your hand in understanding.Thank you for telling me.“Ice-cream it is.”
Final Fantasy miscellaneous
Final Fantasy Critters by Ikayuro-Arts
Final Fantasy miscellaneous -closed-
Daily Drawing Challenge 46 / 365 | Custom Design by DigiDemii
Final Fantasy 7 -full-
Elegant Autumn by jemikun
Final Fantasy 7 -full-
Selfie in Liverpool by Kaena22
Final Fantasy 7 -full-
Sephiroth (FFVII: The Animated Series) by YaBoiiSid
Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 -full-
FFX - Brotherhood Sword 1 by TheCoffeeFairyChan
Final Fantasy 13 -full-
Lightning FFXIV by VivianMeow
Final Fantasy 15 -full-
But I want to... by zhierun
Final Fantasy Online -full-
Kitsune - JeikoHunter by ADPong
Final Fantasy Online -full-
FFXIV - Lakshmi by Natymon
Kingdom Hearts -full-
Santa Sora by Bunnyanko
Kingdom Hearts -full-
The King, Sora by RisingWinter
Kingdom Hearts -full-
Keyblade Master by kat-ika
Crossovers -full-
Pain And Loss by Kojithedark

READ before joining / LEE antes de unirte


* The joining requests are accepted automatically. The same goes for the submissions.
* We are always looking for new affiliates. Just send us an affiliation request and it will be accepted.


* Las solicitudes para unirse al grupo son aceptadas automáticamente. Lo mismo sucede con las subidas de los trabajos.
* Siempre estamos en busca de nuevos afiliados. Simplemente envíanos una solicitud de afiliación y será aceptada.

:iconpersona-fc: :iconcosplay--world:
English: IMPORTANT!!!

1) This is NOT A FANTASY group. The submissions must be about Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts games, movies, etc.

2) Mature content (nudity, explicit sex scenes, extreme gore, etc) won't be accepted anymore. If you have to tag your work as mature, then don't submit it to this group.

3) Journals are not allowed, unless they contain art or information about an original character.

4) No fighting, no stealing and no trolling. Joining the group, submitting your works and leaving immediately afterwards, will get you banned and your works will be removed from the gallery.

5) Not following this guide will result in your account being banned from the group. We have many members and we need order in our gallery. So please do your best and submit to the right folders.

* Featured: These folders are only used by the founder. I'm always sending requests to submit works into the group, and these are the folders that I use. I move the works to the right folders after a while.

* .DO NOT use this folder: That one is a control folder, which means that you must not use it. Artworks sent to this folder will be deleted without warning, so please select the right folder before submitting your work.

* Crossovers: The folder includes all kind of crossovers. Examples: Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy & other games, Kingdom Hearts & anime series, etc.

* Original characters: This folder is for characters created by you (or by a friend, etc) related with the worlds of Final Fantasy and/or Kingdom Hearts. The folder is ONLY for original characters. Example: If you have a drawing of your OC with Squall, submit it to the "Final Fantasy 8" folder.

If you have any question feel free to ask. :heart:
But be nice because I have no patience for rude people. :P

Español: ¡¡¡IMPORTANTE!!!

1) Este NO ES un grupo de FANTASÍA. Los trabajos subidos deben ser sobre Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, sobre los juegos, películas, etc.

2) El contenido adulto (desnudez, escenas de sexo explícitas, gore extremo, etc) ya no será aceptado. Si tienes que colocarle el filtro de contenido adulto a tu trabajo, entonces no lo subas a este grupo.

3) Los journals no están permitidos, a menos que contengan arte o información acerca de un personaje original.

4) No pelear, no robar y no trollear. Si te unes, subes tus trabajos y dejas el grupo inmediatamente después, serás baneado y tus trabajos serán removidos de la galería.

5) No seguir esta guía resultará en que tu cuenta sea baneada del grupo. Tenemos muchos miembros y necesitamos orden en nuestra galería. Así que por favor haz tu mejor esfuerzo y sube a las carpetas correctas.

* Featured: Estas carpetas son sólo utilizadas por la fundadora. Siempre estoy enviando solicitudes para añadir trabajos al grupo, y estas son las carpetas que uso. Muevo los trabajos a las carpetas correctas luego de un tiempo.

* .DO NOT use this folder: Esa es una carpeta de control, lo cual significa que no debes utilizarla. Los trabajos enviados a esta carpeta serán borrados sin advertencia, así que por favor selecciona la carpeta correcta antes de subir tu trabajo.  

* Crossovers: La carpeta incluye todo tipo de crossovers. Ejemplos: Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy & otros juegos, Kingdom Hearts & series de anime, etc.

* Original characters: Esta carpeta es para personajes creados por ti (o por un amigo, etc) relacionados con los mundos de Final Fantasy y/o Kingdom Hearts. La carpeta es SOLO para personajes originales. Ejemplo: Si tienes un dibujo de tu OC con Squall, súbelo a la carpeta "Final Fantasy 8".

Si tienes alguna pregunta siéntete libre de preguntar. :heart:
Pero sé amable porque no tengo paciencia para gente grosera. :P
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