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Our focus here is being one of the biggest Final Fantasy groups on deviantart. We accept all kind of art (fan art, drawings, wallpapers, icons, gifs, signatures, cosplays, etc). We accept art related to Kingdom Hearts too!

Rules: No fighting, no stealing and no trolling. Joining the group, submitting your works and leaving immediately afterwards, will get you banned and your works will be removed from the gallery.

Nuestro enfoque aquí es ser uno de los más grandes grupos de Final Fantasy en deviantart. Aceptamos todo tipo de arte (fan art, dibujos, wallpapers, íconos, gifs, firmas, cosplays, etc). ¡Aceptamos arte relacionado con Kingdom Hearts también!

Reglas: No pelear, no robar y no trollear. Si te unes, subes tus trabajos y dejas el grupo inmediatamente después, serás baneado y tus trabajos serán removidos de la galería.
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Nov 14, 2014

South America

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5,598 Members
5,552 Watchers
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Gallery Folders

Pushtober 16 - Overcoming by TsukiAnimeGirl
Commission: FFXIV by Izagar
FF XIV by Ana-Rone
Shadowbringers by Ana-Rone
Day 17 - Ramza by Avielsusej
[MMD] Dissidia ''Descend, Heartless Angel!'' by Vampirevernon
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance- Illusionist NuMou by Luc-Frost
Mind Flayer (Render) by Starbrain
KH: Raft by owopyre
Commission : FFXIV Umberskin by ergione
Riku giving Sora the crown necklace. by MaddLamm
Chibi Samurai Viera FFXIV by Arc-Tempered-PhoeniX
Kairi by RabbitIllustrations
inktober day 15: legend by KirraKatsuyu
Sora by DeadForThem
Sora and Mickey by Latin7777777
.:Search Ghost:. -Inktober Day Sixteen- by Slurku
Kingdom Hearts Union X: Ephemer Sketch by Soulfest
Sora Sketch by MimiFatima
2019-01-19 - Vanitas x Aqua by RevengeRevisited
Inktober/Octo-ber Day 15 by hoodboy33
Kefka by JDW1560
Day 17: Ornament - Inktober 2019 by LazorbeamPewPew
Day 16: Wild - Inktober 2019 by LazorbeamPewPew
Inktober Day 11 by AlmightyRamtha
Cloud Strife. by AliciaVega90
Reno by Quinnsanity-Q
[Cosplay] Tifa Lockhart - Outdoor Shooting #008 by Kitsu-Senpai
Tifa FFVII Remake Winks by Iquwan93
Final Fantasy VII Cast by Narren7
Zack Fair by starmiu
Cloud Strife [Trade] by satoopup11
Tifa Lockhart by RuitoxHanna
Tifa Lockhart FF7 remake by SirSwad
Tifa Enlarged by AmazonBronze
Leon's Gunblade - Final Fantasy 8 by BizmasterStudios
Waiting for you by MCAshe
Garnet Til Alexandros XVII cosplay by TheAnimefan44
Vivi (ff) by Zabelin
Day 17: Ornament by drain3004
Lighting by Tantanart
So Throw Me a Line by dynomania
A Heavensward Adventure. by ChrisBjors
FEATURED -Other FF games-
Day14: Chalice by Lady-of-Link
FEATURED -Miscellaneous-
Looking For Trouble by KazumiJade
FEATURED -Crossovers-
odd by NannelFlannel
Half body commission - OC (full color) by YoshinoYoshi
.DO NOT use this folder -stuff will be deleted-
Beauty in purple by SwanaYasuna
MATURE artworks -with mature filter only-

Mature Content

[R] Lilith by Kawaii369
Kingdom Hearts
Luxord by HeavenCard
Kingdom Hearts -closed-
Roxas (No. XIII) Organization 13 by rezs1245
Final Fantasy 1-2-3
[Inktober] 16-Wild by Fuyu-H
Final Fantasy 1-2-3 -closed-
Gargoyles  Gravel Dragonslayer - III'rd Edition by lordvipes
Final Fantasy 4
[FF IV] Summoner of Mist by jg-Shadow
Final Fantasy 4 -closed-
Rydia Tsum Tsum by Boschian-Fantasies
Final Fantasy 5
Shinryu vs Omega by Kugawattan
Final Fantasy 5 -closed-
Happy Lenna by cocosnowlo
Final Fantasy 6
FFVI comic - page 146 by ClaraKerber
Final Fantasy 6 -closed-
Captain of the Blackjack by The-Card-Player
Final Fantasy 7
Tifa - Final Fantasy VII by Trance-Sephigoth
Final Fantasy 7 -closed-
Tifa by DreamWade
Final Fantasy 8
Selphie x Rinoa x Quistis by Emerald--Weapon
Final Fantasy 8 -closed-
Rinoa - I don't want the future by SoraPaopu
Final Fantasy 9
InkTober Day 12: Dragon by Anti-Ho0f2
Final Fantasy 9 -closed-
Final Fantasy Ix Dagga Art Vanessa by Jasmine-Croft
Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2
Jecht Final Fantasy X HD by Keltic-Zero
Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 -closed-
The summoner Yuna - Final fantasy 10 by VughsNovelArts
Final Fantasy 12
FFXII Even a stray has pride by vhyrel
Final Fantasy 12 -closed-
Penelo by Jyune23
Final Fantasy 13
Lighning FFXIII_Fanart( 011/100). by congatrehp
Final Fantasy 13 -closed-
Best Sisters Ever, Kupo! by AxelFlame8
Final Fantasy 15 -closed-
Ignis x Ignis by MayaRokuaya
Final Fantasy Online -FF11 and FF14-
Au Ra (FFXIV) by Sarcatica
Final Fantasy Online -closed-
Bennu by Manadag
Final Fantasy Dissidia
[MMD Video] Cloud and Squall - Sand Planet by BT420curio
Final Fantasy Dissidia -closed-
Oops by Jun-Himekawa
Final Fantasy Tactics
Ramza and Alma - Wind Scene (alt 3) by Myst-Knight-Reborn
Final Fantasy Tactics -closed-
Inktober-16 Ramza Beoulve by PinkDerpyUnicornz
Final Fantasy Type-0
final fantasy type 0 eight by doioakina
Final Fantasy Type-0 -closed-
Kurasame and Tonberry by BintangPasca
Other Final Fantasy games
Twins - Inktober 2 by Nerosporin
Other Final Fantasy games -closed-
Chizuru - Final Fantasy Brave Exvius by LiamsWorld
Misaki and Nagisa Love Noctis by Milefortune
Crossovers -closed-
Let me be your Light by Hikari-Angel-Yugi
Original characters
Commission - Under The Moonlight by ClaraKerber
Original characters -closed-
Viera Concept by Fatyma-chan
Original stories and fanfics

Mature Content

Original stories and fanfics -closed-
The Team in the Shadows: Part 6 by Rescued-Doll
Final Fantasy miscellaneous
The Evil Virgz by MaelstromArt
Final Fantasy miscellaneous -closed-
Carbuncle I by StarshinePlush
Final Fantasy 7 -full-
Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII by yuukoum
Final Fantasy 7 -full-
Cloud Strife - repaint by Valentina-Remenar
Final Fantasy 7 -full-
Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay by AliceNero
Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 -full-
Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand by TaraOBerry
Final Fantasy 13 -full-
Lightning Cosplay by a4th
Final Fantasy 15 -full-
Star of Rogue by Bev-Nap
Final Fantasy Online -full-
FFXIV NOPAN!! by Jourjii-Pourjii
Final Fantasy Online -full-
love in the air #9 by Ikanu96
Kingdom Hearts -full-
College Major Project - 1 ~ KH Silhouette ::BLUE:: by lollypop071
Kingdom Hearts -full-
Terra: Blade [New] by XLEHX
Kingdom Hearts -full-
Kingdom Hearts Cloud by LadyYomi


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READ before joining / LEE antes de unirte


* The joining requests are accepted automatically. The same goes for the submissions.
* We are always looking for new affiliates. Just send us an affiliation request and it will be accepted.


* Las solicitudes para unirse al grupo son aceptadas automáticamente. Lo mismo sucede con las subidas de los trabajos.
* Siempre estamos en busca de nuevos afiliados. Simplemente envíanos una solicitud de afiliación y será aceptada.

:iconpersona-fc: :iconcosplay--world:
English: IMPORTANT!!!

1) This is NOT A FANTASY group. The submissions must be related with the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts games, movies, etc.

2) Journals are not allowed, unless they contain art or information about an OC (original character).

3) Not following this guide will result in your account being banned from the group. We have many members and we need order in our gallery. So please do your best and submit to the right folders.

* Featured: These folders are only used by the founder. I'm always sending requests to submit works into the group, and these are the folders that I use. I move the works to the right folders once a moth.

* .DO NOT use this folder: That one is a control folder, which means that you must not use it. Artworks sent to this folder will be deleted without warning, so please select the right folder before submitting your work.

* MATURE artworks: EVERY artwork (except for written fanfics and stories) with mature content must go to this folder. The artwork MUST contain a mature filter. If your artwork does not need the mature filter, then do not submit it to this folder.

* Crossovers: The folder includes all kind of crossovers. Examples: Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy & other games, Kingdom Hearts & anime series, etc.

* Original characters: This folder is for characters created by you (or by a friend, etc) related with the worlds of Final Fantasy and/or Kingdom Hearts. The folder is ONLY for original characters. Example: If you have a drawing of your OC with Squall, submit it to the "Final Fantasy 8" folder.


Español: ¡¡¡IMPORTANTE!!!

1) Este NO ES un grupo de FANTASÍA. Los trabajos subidos deben estar relacionados con Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, ya sea con los juegos, películas, etc.

2) Los journals no están permitidos, a menos que contengan arte o información acerca de un OC (personaje original).

3) No seguir esta guía resultará en que tu cuenta sea baneada del grupo. Tenemos muchos miembros y necesitamos orden en nuestra galería. Así que por favor haz tu mejor esfuerzo y sube a las carpetas correctas.

* Featured: Estas carpetas son sólo utilizadas por la fundadora. Siempre estoy enviando solicitudes para añadir trabajos al grupo, y estas son las carpetas que uso. Muevo los trabajos a las carpetas correctas una vez al mes.

* .DO NOT use this folder: Esa es una carpeta de control, lo cual significa que no debes utilizarla. Los trabajos enviados a esta carpeta serán borrados sin advertencia, así que por favor selecciona la carpeta correcta antes de subir tu trabajo.  

* MATURE artworks: CADA UNO de los trabajos (a excepción de los fanfics y las historias escritas) con contenido adulto deben ir a esta carpeta. El trabajo DEBE contener un filtro de arte para adultos. Si tu trabajo no necesita el filtro, entonces no lo subas a esta carpeta.

* Crossovers: La carpeta incluye todo tipo de crossovers. Ejemplos: Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy & otros juegos, Kingdom Hearts & series de anime, etc.

* Original characters: Esta carpeta es para personajes creados por ti (o por un amigo, etc) relacionados con los mundos de Final Fantasy y/o Kingdom Hearts. La carpeta es SOLO para personajes originales. Ejemplo: Si tienes un dibujo de tu OC con Squall, súbelo a la carpeta "Final Fantasy 8".
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