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Oh hi, it's Evie, your favourite foul-mouthed, bad-tempered... hooman (?) with a love for drawing and photography and sometimes even literature. I'm just your average 23 year old self-taught artist who currently resides in Ireland. I love coffee, and I also have insomnia, those two are... Not a very good combo to have, to say the least. I like playing and looking after my dog, Ben and of course, I love (more than anything) my best friend and boyfriend, TheArtFrog, who also happens to be a skilled artist. Please be sure to check out his profile and gallery via the link in his username. I also adore memes. I am also a student, and I recently graduated from my cartoon animation college course. I am now focused on becoming self-employed by selling prints of my work, and maybe the odd commission or two. I like music, helping out around DA, watching anime and adult cartoons such as Rick and Morty.

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Change of heart. by HauntingEchoes.Just In Case. Change of heart. by HauntingEchoes

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please know that I'm almost always online here on DA. Feel free send me a note. I will always reply as soon as possible. If you really want, I can send you my email address in case of the odd chance that I'm not online. I will be more than happy to try and help you as best I can. You will always have a friend in me. Remember that you are not alone and you never will be. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me when I say that. I've been there before and I know it all too well. But just in case you need this: 1800-273-TALK (8255)

Stay strong. I'm rooting for you, and never forget that you're loved.

Change of heart. by HauntingEchoes.Don't Give Up. Change of heart. by HauntingEchoes

"Draw for fun, not for fame. Only draw because you love to do it, because you really want to do it and because you would like to improve. No one else's opinion should really matter when it comes to why/how you draw. Even though you may think your art isn't good, others do. If others tell you your art is bad, ignore them, and keep on drawing until you reach a level that you're happy with. Don't draw for fame or popularity, draw because it's fun and it's what you like to do! And remember that the professional artists are the amateur artists who never gave up! We all have to start off somewhere!"

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I have something to offer you, if you'll let me... A HUG!

:hug: :huggle: :tighthug: :glomp:

You deserve it! Forget all those chain mails that say you need *insert number* of hugs to be truly loved, all you need is ONE person to show their appreciation for you to know that you are beautiful and of amazing worth! We just want you to know that no matter what, you are important, you deserve a smile on your face, and happiness in your heart. With love from Evie, just a random deviant stranger who really and truly cares.

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A Brief Guide On How To Deal With Art ThievesHello everyone, it's been a while since I wrote a proper guide and such, and this one has been on my mind for a while, so, without further ado, let's get stuck into this!
As you all probably know, DeviantArt is an art site and a community. It isn't an image-hosting website as such, which means it's not like tinypic, photobucket or imgur in the sense that you can share just any random pic you find and get likes for it. According to DA rules, whatever you upload must be made 100% yourself, using your own efforts, and if you do use parts of an artwork that are not belong to you, you must credit the source that you've used, be it a stock image for a photomanipulation, or a base for a character design. After all, that's just common courtesy on your behalf.
But if we run into a person who may be trying to test the rules of DA, and they upload, well say for the sake of it, an already existing copyrighted picture of Naruto, for example. What do we do? Well what I do, usually is asses the situa
HTML, Coding, Thumbnails and More!Hello there, friends, watchers and passers-by! I don't know about you, but when I type, or when I'm doing up my profile, I really like to try and make it look pretty! And for a long time I had no clue how to do that! It can be very difficult to master, especially when you're new to DA. So here is how to do all these things immediately without all the fuss!
If you would like to make your type bold, then all you have to do is use the code < b > without the spaces and close it off with < /b >. If you only want some words to be bold but not others, just add the code < / b > at the beginning of the word (without the spaces) and < /b > at the end of the word. Please note that you must always start any code off with <> and always end it with </>
For example: < b > YOUR TEXT HERE < / b > without spaces in the code. Why don't you give it a try?
It should look like this: YOUR TEXT HERE
Next up is underline! It is pretty much the

How To Be An Amazing DeviantHello you amazing guys, wonderful girls and awesome non-binary people! I have decided to make a series of helpful articles to help you all! Now I am gonna show you how to be an amazing deviant!  If you have any suggestions of ideas for other issues of the series, please leave your suggestion in the comments section below, or alternatively, you may send me a note! Now, let us commence with a brand new article!
Hints and tips on how to be an amazing deviant!
What's up, guys? EvieDoodles here! In this (updated) guide, I'm gonna teach you how to be the best deviant you can possibly be and how to reach your full potential. These hints and tips were tried and tested, they work, because I've done it!
A little reminder: These tips may also boost your pageview, watch, llama and fav count, but please don't let it get to your head! Be humble about it and only do it because you sincerely want to help others out, not just for the fame and popularity.
So, without further ado, let's start!
How (NOT) To Be Popular On DAWARNING: Please don't read if you're easily sensitive/triggered or if you take offense to this sort of thing.
DISCLAIMER: The following parody/satire is NOT advised OR to be taken seriously. It could even land you with a permanently suspended/banned account.  Just to let you know, I am not actually this mean on DA or IRL. I may joke about and make satire about it, but I'd never even dream of doing it personally. And I repeat, this guide is not to be taken seriously, only to joke about and to laugh at. I am actually a really nice person and I don't judge anyone. I do not condone any of this. All joking aside, yes, I have seen all of this happen on DA. Some even within the same day. But I believe people can change and learn from their mistakes. I know I have. Give someone a chance to change and if they don't take it, block them and report them immediately. If you see drama, it's best to just stay out of it, and if you're involved in it, simply block the user who's harassing you, and

You Could Be Underselling Yourself...Today I'm going to be going on a wild tangent about artists, their commissions and how much they charge for them, in order to settle any misunderstandings once and for all. Feel free to add this this to your favs. :+fav:
You want to sell some commissions. But you're afraid that people will get annoyed because they cannot afford it, that the prices you're charging are too high. Well guess what... ? :O
Tough shi... *ahem* shihtzu! :P
You are the artist of the commissions you're selling, right? :?
Right. Then they have absolutely no right to tell you how much you should charge for your commissions. Us artists still have to make a living, too... And we should never, ever undersell ourselves, because let's face it, most of us are guilty of doing it at some point or another. Especially when starting out as an artist. It's not fair. We must make a living for ourselves somehow, and in this day and age it's really hard to get money for just selling commissions and prints and stuff, unless you'r
Tired Of Endless Scrolling? No Problem!Hey guys, Evie here! I have heard a few people complaining about how when they browse art on DA, they tend to get tired of endless scrolling, (when you scroll down through deviations on the front page, you can't reach the bottom of the page, and you just scroll through miles and miles of deviations) so I'm gonna show you how to disable it! 
Step 1: Hover your mouse over your username that is located on the right-hand side of your profile, (next to your number of notifications you have) and click "Settings". 

Step 2: Once you click on that, you should see "Identity settings". On the left-hand side of the page, you'll see a menu that looks like this: 

When you see that, you're gonna want to click on "Browsing". 

Step 3: When you're in the browsing section of your DA settings, you should see this: 

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Change of heart. by HauntingEchoes.Thank You. Change of heart. by HauntingEchoes

I would like to thank you all so very much for all of your support, whether it was a fav, watch, llama or gift, it means the world to me! I apologize if I 0can't respond to you all individually, it's not always possible. But I still read every comment, reply and note I get! So thank you from the bottom of my heart!
One more thing... I do not mind at all if you thank me for stuff on my profile, I don't find it irritating or annoying at all! You're welcome in advance!


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