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Free Green Antique Tint Action

Green Antique Tint Action by Fimrah!

:star:EDIT: Attatched the wrong file! Hope this works now. :D

This is an action I created when I was editing one of my 365 project pictures! I have tested it out on some of my other photos, and I simply love it! This is my first action. If you have any questions, or if there's something wrong with it, please let me know. :D

If you download this action and enjoy using it, please show your support by commenting and :+fav:! thank you!

Great for:
-Photographs which are taken on a gloomy day
-Photographs with trees or grass
-Photographs with a flat overall light
-Photographs which want a antique-ish, greener feel.
-Graphics! c:

-This action will NOT flatten your pictures! In fact, it doesn't touch your original at all. Instead, it constantly duplicates the layers. When the action is finished, it will have your finished picture on a layer above the original.

Before using this action, make minor edits to your picture. This action merely plays with some colors, and slightly brightens it.

-Please credit back to ~Fimrah if you use!
-Feel free to use off of DeviantART
-Do not sell this action as is, or modified.
-Have fun, and enjoy!

Photographs and Action: © ~Fimrah/Hannah F 2011

© 2011 - 2021 Fimrah
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Thanks for the action :)
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The file is a .psd rather than an .atn :\
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Ahh dangit. I guess I uploaded the wrong file. o: Thanks for telling me about this! Just updated it, and it should work now. (:
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Def gunn a download this once I get home and have a computer :) p.s. I'm on an iPad ;)
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:D Yay!! And I've played on iPad's before.. They're pretty spiffy. :thumbsup:
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honestly, i like them better than ipod touches (:
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I guess I'm not used to the huge keyboard.. Idk why. :P
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