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Roger, Devon, Fury and Artie

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Another group of flyers for the "Flyers of the Mysterious Beyond" RP, based on The Land Before Time. This time, a group of 4 flyers:

Roger- Not much is known about this guy, since he is new to the RP. All that is known is that he has one eye (his bad eye covered by a leaf-patch) and is a little odd (for example, he sleeps like a bat, hanging upside down). But he seems friendly enough

Devon- This young flyer is actually the son of Sierra, another flyer in the RP (as well as LBT canon). He is initially rather meek and shy, and does not get along with his father at first, bonding more with Pterano. but over time, he and Sierra have grown close and returned to being father and son.

Fury- A young longtail (archaeopteryx), very little is known about this little guy. From what can be seen, he is rather insecure, especially sensitive about abandonment, and has a habit of collapsing into vivid nightmares. But since he ran into the flyers, he has been accepted among them, even adopted by Artie

Artie- The only female flyer in the RP, she is friendly to all she meets, and appears to have a crush on Pterano. She has also displayed her maternal side when caring for Fury.
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These flyers are gorgeous...and they sound fascinating! I wanna know them happy cry XD 
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Oh I just realized that if you want more info on Fury and why he acts the way he does…

That link should help.
TITANICSGIRLHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey I noticed something...YOU EVEN GOT DEVON'S EXPRESSION RIGHT!!!! Excellent job, Ali.

Sorry I didnt notice it before. XD
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viper2301Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow love the drawings, I like how you did Roger

Yes, this is Redtooth101 XD
TITANICSGIRLHobbyist Traditional Artist
And his fave two flyers happen to be MY characters! I'm only saying that because I'm proud of what I do. So yeah, overall, I wanna give this pic two sprited thumbs WAY, way up!
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Hey. Nice one.. Although Roger is taller than what I expected...(but then again...Devon is much younger than Roger.. so he'd be shorter...)

I see that you gave Devon the same muscle tone as Sierra... (Titanicsgirl) draws Devon thin...I do prefer the thin Devon...(It's ok, just have a different way of drawing Devon...and you did give him a good facial expression...) I just prefer the way Titanicsgirl draws him.... with a shorter, thin body, and not with the big "Sierra" muscle tones.. It's ok... everyone has their own way of drawing LBT characters... it's ok.

I'm not mad at you for drawing Devon wrong... ok? :( There's nothing wrong at all. You just have a different way of drawing his body.. that's all. You're fine. ;)

Now moving on to Fury... he looks worried or scared about something....and Artie's got a nice smile waving hello... I like how you drew her.. ;) She's really sweet...

Overall, I like this group picture.... I love these group pictures for "Flyers" that you've been doing.. They're awesome!

Nice job on Devon, and Artie.. I have to agree with titanicsgirl...they are my two favorite flyers in this pic.. ;)
TITANICSGIRLHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey nice job on Devon and Artie. I should draw Artie one of these days.
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