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Redback and Tero

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Just anothe rpic for my "Flyers of the Mysterious Beyond" RP. In this case, my characters, Redback and Tero. I won't borhter putting up their bios, since you can get them on the other pics too.
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I know Ptero's a bad guy in your fanfics, fimoman...But he's been good in "flyers of the mysterious beyond" so far.

I think Ptero's a fine pteranodon...even though he looks a little scary...Why would Ptero want to hurt a young, innocent flyer like me? I don't think Ptero would go hurt me or do something mean to me or any of the other flyers...

If I was a flyer, and was with Ptero.... I wish there was some way I could help his foot, and voice heal.... But I wouldn't be able to...because Ptero's disability is permanent.

(In the LBT world..) I don't think that I, a young, tan, rhamphorhynchus would be able to heal a mute, voiceless pteranodon with a maimed leg... If only there was something I could do..
but the damage is permanent! :( It hurts me to see a flyer in that kind of condition.

But nevertheless....I think Ptero would get along fine with me.
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Well, to be honest, I have adjusted his character a bit for the RP to make him less of a "silent killer" kind of character. I'd say the best way to describe him is a tortured misanthropist. But I guess in the RP, he's just come accross as a bit of a tragic character. Oh well..

But to see what his character's really like, you should check out the fanfic he's in. He's going to become pretty important in that.
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This is incredible! I can't wait to see Fury and the others! The final image will be amazing!
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Wow. I like Redback in this one. I love the details, and the stripes on his back.

Ptero looks really good, too. (I didn't know he looked like that.) He's got quite a thick, rough neck ring. Now that I know what Ptero looks like....he looks scary. But he's a good flyer, and he doesn't scare me at all.
TITANICSGIRLHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh boy! i cant wait to see Devon!