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Pterano, Rinkus and Sierra

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Part of a small project I'm doing. As part of a Land Before Time roleplay, "Flyers Of The Mysterious Beyond", I agreed to do some character designs for the characters. Here is the first batch: Pterano, Rinkus and Sierra, 3 of the 4 real characters, as opposed to the fan characters, who are sure to follow.
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They look awesome! "Flyers Of The Mysterious Beyond" sounds fascinating. DX I so wish that these three would get more attention. 
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This is wonderful. Your art style is easy on the eyes and their facial expression give them a layer of depth to each of them. Very well done.
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Nice Work Land Before Time Forever ^^
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sorry, BattyCrow. Flyers has "lost its spark" since last fall, and users aren't posting hardly at all. There have only been 15 posts made in 2012 (the whole year) so far. :| sorry. It's lost it's popularity among the users that were involved in it on "The Gang Of Five". The users are hardly even posting anymore, and it's nowhere near as popular as it was in Summer 2011. It's stopped, but i'm not calling it a "dead story" yet.

I appreciate your fan comments, BattyCrow. :) Thank you. I wanted to make my own adventure with Rinkus and Pterano back in November 2010...and I got it...i just got a LOT MORE than what I originally expected, that's all. heh. :)
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TheBattyCrowHobbyist General Artist
Just joined that epic forum and started reading some of that RP>>> hhhhooooly, did NOT see that one coming with Rinkus :iconomfgplz: lol it's cute, tho^^

and GAHH! they left it at Pterano fainting!! :nuu:
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If you want to read "Flyers of the Mysterious Beyond" can follow this link to the Land Before Time fan site, "LBT Gang of Five"...and read it on the RP thread:


(Seriously. I didn't know my story would be this popular...It was just an idea I had in my head.."Jared, what would it be like if you were a rhamphorhynchus in the LBT world and got the chance to live with Pterano, Rinkus, and Sierra..." I'm writing exactly what I would say to them if I lived with them, too.

I knew i'd get along great with Pterano and Rinkus.....Especially Rinkus...because,'ll find that out when you read the story...

Watch out, there's also plenty of fart jokes in it, too! LOL! :) Hey, I thought the farting would make the story very funny! I love the farting, anyways. :)
TITANICSGIRLHobbyist Traditional Artist
Jared, you and your fart jokes! XDDDDD
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That looks AWESOME! In case you guys wanted to know..."Flyers of the Mysterious Beyond" was originally my idea. It's an LBT fanfiction about how I live and have fun with Pterano, Rinkus and Sierra...

In the story, i'm a rhamphorhynchus (Rinkus's species)..and there's lots of fun stuff, and surprises in it...Including a very touching moment I have bonding with Rinkus.....and, that's all i'll say for now.

The rest is for you guys to find out. You'll love the story, i'm sure.

I know I love the story. It's awesome guys. If you love Land Before Time flyers, you're sure to love "Flyers Of The Mysterious Beyond."

Fimoman: I'm very happy to see that you're doing a little project on the rp. :) This picture is wonderful....Although Rinkus has got this look on his face like he is up to no good..
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X3 AWESOME! Can't wait to see the other characters :D.
I Like how you drew Pterano, all stuck up with pride.
I really like it X3
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fimomanHobbyist General Artist
LOL, thnx for the support. Would you be a member of the RP as well, or just an observer?
TITANICSGIRLHobbyist Traditional Artist
Quote: Yep. I'm a member of the RP.. (you already know that..) I play myself...Jared the tan rhamphorhynchus (Rinkus's species). :Quote

And he just happens to be the starter of that rp as well. I'm a member as well and I play Devon and Artie.
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Yep. I'm a member of the RP.. (you already know that..) I play myself...Jared the tan rhamphorhynchus (Rinkus's species).
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