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Kirin #1 by DragonChaser123
Music and Chill by KiOWA213
Four good friends. by Vector-Brony
Sheesh Tho by illumnious
Sci-Twi Redux by EmeraldBlast63
Easter Ponies - Twilight Sparkle by MrKat7214
She Couldn't Care Less by illumnious
Rarity Vector 37 - Guitar by CyanLightning
Rarity Vector 36 - Scarf by CyanLightning
Rarity: Generation 5 Series by illumnious
Easter Ponies - Rarity by MrKat7214
Fluttershy Vector - 42 Socks by CyanLightning
Fluttershy Face by TemerDzafarowo
Fluttershy Generation 5 series by illumnious
Easter Ponies - Fluttershy by MrKat7214
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Vector - 37 Flying Away by CyanLightning

Mature Content

Bet you can't take your eyes off this by Porygon2z
Beats me by kuren247
Easter Ponies - Rainbow Dash by MrKat7214
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie- Winter Theme(vector) by illumnious
Pinkie Pie-Winter Theme(poster) by illumnious
How do you women walk in these things?! by Porygon2z
Get ready to laugh, pink girl by Porygon2z
Blep life by kuren247
Applejack as Jax by chanyhuman
I have one smooth flank by Porygon2z
Applejack generation 5 series by illumnious
Chibi Spike by EmeraldBlast63
Red Bull gives you wings, my big scaly butt by Porygon2z
Future Spike by EmeraldBlast63
I'm just a sexy draggy by kuren247
Mane 6 and Spike
Fallen asleep in her favorite dragon's arms by Porygon2z
Seapony Twilight and Fluttershy(2023 version) by illumnious
A pumpkin-butted cowpony by Porygon2z
They may 've forgot to pack something by Porygon2z
Cutie Mark Crusaders
(Vectorized) Smart Kid by kuren247
This announcement has been paid for by the cMc by kuren247
You don't stand a chance against me by kuren247
Applebloom as Lilo by chanyhuman
Goth Celestia / Gothlestia / Emo Celestia by DragonChaser123
TiA hAVe yOu SEeN mY SkITTLeS?!?|Luna vector #1 by CrystalMagic6
Discord by AndoAnimalia
Crystal Princess: on RedBubble by illumnious
Celestia and Luna Vector - Royal Hug by CyanLightning
Derpy Hooves
Derp Go Blep by kuren247
Minor Character
I'm the baby, gotta love me! by kuren247
Background Character
Two For The Sky(Star Flight and Heart bright) by illumnious
Creatures and Pets
A certain owl is losing his feathers by Porygon2z
Canon Group
What a way to worship rabbit feet by Porygon2z
Lovely Sunset by kingdark0001
Original Character
(Art Trade) Arcade by kuren247
Saffron Masala vector - 4 by TemerDzafarowo
Canon Cutie Marks
Luster Dawn's cutie mark by illumnious
Objects and Stuff
Mark of Grogar (vector) by Venjix5
Mlp G5 Izzy Moonbow (happy2) vector by luckreza8
Rule 34 NSFW Gore Etc.

Mature Content

Well, Draco, shall we do it? by Porygon2z
Equestria Girls Comic: Not the right words by kingdark0001
comission Aurelia charm by age3rcm
Time to decide... - Comic Part 2 by BG93-Sketches
Equestria Girls Anthro Humanized
Yale Ball Sale Flyer 2022 Nov 17- Dec 17 (CLOSED) by TheArtsyEmporium
Wallpaper EqG (Rarity Desktop) 1920x1080 by luckreza8
Axe Base by DragonChaser123
Canon With Backgrounds
Rarity(G3) by illumnious
Tutorial: Unicorn's magic aura by Osipush
OC with FiM
Got your feet, Heatwave! by Porygon2z
OC Group
Singe, meet daddy's friends by Porygon2z
OC Cutie Marks
Paragon Chrysocolla Cutiemark | [AT] by xHalesx
OC with Background
Potion Nova-Winter Theme by illumnious
Fillies And Colts
Who cares!! by kuren247
A nice and warm fox tail by Porygon2z
Edit: Still looking (5/9/16)

Hello everyone, you may formerly know me as Overmare, which of whom originally created this group and used to be fairly active in the community. Anyways, I'd like to give a big thanks to TheShadowStone for keeping this place running smoothing during my absence.

In light of my arrival, I'm trying to spruce up the place and breathe some new life into it. As such, I'm looking for 3 new contributors to add to the group.

If you're interested, please send me a note with the following;

1. How often do you create vectors?
2. Have you had any experience managing groups before?
3. How often can you vote on submissions/organize?

Thank you

~ TaigaLife
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Group Info

Welcome to #FiM-Vectors! We welcome you with open hooves and encourage you to join the group! Whether you make vectors yourself, or just like to see them, everyone is welcome!

Before submitting, please note:

● The resolution of the vector should be at least 3000 pixels on one side.
● Submit to the correct folder.
● Anything not fully transparent around it is considered to have a background.
● "Canon" is defined here as having appeared on the television show. "OC" is used here as a synonym for "non-canon".

Mature Art

Rule 34 art is accepted, and has its corresponding folder, but grimdark/grotesque images are not accepted. If you're unsure if an image belongs to the Rule 34 folder, place it there anyway.


Featured – This folder is off-limits to members. If we like a piece of work, it will be placed here.
Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Derpy Hooves – background-less vectors of respective characters.
Cutie Mark Crusaders – background-less vectors comprising only CMC members.
Mane Six and Spike, Princesses – background-less groups with some (more than one) or all of either the "mane seven" (mane six + Spike) or the princesses (including Princess Twilight).
Minor Characters – solo images of canon characters who have interacted with the main cast at least once.
Background Characters – solo images of canon characters not belonging to Minor Character.
Original Characters – solo images of OCs.
Creatures and Pets – pets ponies keep and other non-pony animals (such as Winona and the cockatrice).
Canon with Background, OC with Background – groups of either canon or OC characters with a background.
Canon Group, OC Group – groups of either canon or OC characters without a background.
Canon with OC – groups comprising both canon and OC characters (may or may not have a background).
Antagonists – solo canon characters who have at some point been against the main cast.
Canon Cutie Marks, OC Cutie Marks – standalone cutie marks.
Background, Objects and Stuff – backdrops and items which characters interact with.
Bases, Tutorials, Comics, Wallpapers, Animations, Tumblr – templates, "how-to" images on vectoring, custom comics, wallpapers, moving pictures and Tumblr questions/answers respectively.
Equestria GirlsEquestria Girls-related vectors.
Rule 34 – mature art (as explained above).
Other – anything not belonging to any of the above folders.
Crossovers – Crossovers with FiM and other shows, movies, or other media. Includes OCs as well.

Group Info

FiM Vectors is a group dedicated to showing off many of the awesome vectors that Bronies make!
Founded 10 Years ago
Apr 23, 2013

North America

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Art Collection

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