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Crazy fact: apparently DA won't let you admin more than three groups at once if you don't have a paid account. So I divested myself of a group I wasn't really doing anything with because I'd much rather have this one. :)
Oh gosh, It didn't even occur to me that inviting people as contributors would count towards the "admin no more than 3 groups" rule! I guess I was under the impression that was only for founders. Anyway I'm glad it worked out! :)
It's a bizarre restriction, to be sure. I think it's fair enough to limit how many groups a person could make in a certain time frame, to keep people from just creating all kinds of crazy groups just to sit on them, but being added as a contributor I didn't think would be an issue. Ah well. :)
I can definitely be a back-up admin for you. I wouldn't want to be the only person running this because I have so many projects right now, it'll fall through the cracks. But, if you want to delegate some tasks to me, I'll do it. If we get a few people to do a little maintenence once in a while, it shouldn't be a time-suck.

I went ahead and submitted all my sexier art and stuff that is on Filthy Figments. I have more on hentai foundry, but I have been staring pretty conservative at deviantart. I don't know where the line is, so maybe we can research and post some ground rules on what actually flies here would be a good idea.
Funny, I didn't even notice the comments down here. ^^;;; Anyway as it's set up right now, everyone who is a contributor has admin function over the gallery, blog, favorites and probably some other things I don't know about, lol.

When we get everything set-up and start taking members I'll probably need a little more help with things though, especially if we start taking fanart. So I'm sure Ill take you up on that offer!