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Some kids grow up playing sports, building cars, being bullies. Me and some of my adolescent friends got into computers and early 90's modem 'activities'. This is just a tribute to the BBS one of my good pals growing up ran back in the day, The Plateau. 
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Do you mind if I ask out of curiosity, whatsup with the Amish theme? lol This one made me chuckle for some reason. Don't get me wrong though, it looks cool af.
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Ahaha, thanks! Amish came about from the old days of the BBS/ANSI scene when groups would come from local area codes. Back in the 90's there were a bunch of us from the 717 area (rural PA/amish country). James (misfit) and I always joked about doing an ansi packed called AMiSH but never got around to it. So, 20 years later & thanks to facebook, we found some old 717 dudes and put this together as a sort of 'shout-out' to those days. :)