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To 'deviate' from a lot of art on deviant art I thought I'd try to stick out by using this solely for my ANSI (textmode) art.
ANSI is basically one of the earliest forms of PC/DOS graphics used back in ancient times when we had things called 'external modems' we used to tie up our phone lines as teenagers calling Bulletin Board Systems (pre-internet).

Basically, ANSI was one of the earliest forms of digital online artwork/advertising.

The bulk of my artwork on here originates from the ANSI group I'm a member of called Blocktronics. If you like what I do, then you most definitely need to check out the rest of my pals in the group.

And it's not just us! The ANSI/textmode scene is still around! Only now, it's refined. And I'm only the tip of the iceberg of what others are creating in various textmode groups that include ASCII/PETSCII/AMIGA and other old-school jams!

Check out other textmode artists and groups at these wonderful sites dedicated to keeping the underground art scene alive:

Favourite Visual Artist
This field is for 'Favorite visual artist'. My favorite visual artist: Anyone creating art because it's what they do, no matter what.

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Ratjuice88Hobbyist General Artist
Cool work yo
DruggedOtakuHobbyist Digital Artist
That pixel art that you are concurring up is amazing!!
I especially loved the one that I fav'd!!!
Howdy, Filth, the Destroyer!

Awesome gallery, bro!