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Look at me! No hooves!

After a long break I had to take due to my finals and tons of studying (mind you, it's not over yet, but after sitting over a physics book for 10 hours I decided I deserve a treat, such as finishing this vector) cookie jar Pinkie Pie is finally here! :D

I know I was planning to do AJ first... but I had no idea for her, actually. Besides, I finally came up with something Pinkie-Pie-ish that Pinkie could be doing while eating a cookie and once I got the image in my head, I just had to make her first :)

Anyways, voila, here it is!
(And now I can get back to work. Oh goodie :P I do feel good after getting this done, though, so maybe I'll be able to concentrate on studying more now ^_^)

Hope you guys like it :)

Made in Inkscape (How long did it take? As usual, no idea. A few hours >w<)


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MLP:FiM belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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looks like Cookie monster has some competition
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Clap Awesome Pinkie! :D lol.
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Took me a while to reply to this comment xD
But I'm glad you like it! :D
SilverWing27's avatar
lol It's ok. :) No problem. ^.^ So adorable popping up and winking at the viewer. ^3^
Nekochnyan's avatar
Can I make some of your vectors into a base?

I'll credit! <3
FilPaperSoul's avatar
As long as there's credit, I don't mind at all, go ahead :)
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Could I make this one into a base?
And the AppleJack one too possibly? ^^
Full credit will be given :)
If not its okay, I understand. :aww:
FilPaperSoul's avatar
Sure, I don't mind :)
preshfinn's avatar
I have done the Pinkie one. ^^
preshfinn's avatar
Thank you very much! <3
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Hmm-hnnn, months later these are still adorable....

:iconpinkiewinkplz: "What? you said not to take any cookies from the jar and technically they're still in the jar"
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Glad you like them ;)
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are you still hungry pinkie? here is a cake!choc-mint cake with strawberry 
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Holy crap, Pinkie! I can't believe you ate all the cookies!


Wait a minute... where's the jar?

:iconpinkiedislikesplz::iconsays3plz:*burp* You don't want to know.
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That couldn't have tasted good...
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Me: Welp, you sure know how to bring the party :D
FilPaperSoul's avatar
A party is still a party with only two friends... but a party ain't a party without any cookies!
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when are u gonna make a rarity and aj eating cookies?
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