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:iconkhalidia: - Background
:iconkatelynd: - Model and fence
Other resources are my own thanks to stock providers
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Patience I've heard is it's own reward...

But in this case, do believe something more is desired...
Think I'll wait - out of sight - to find out what that could be.
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How poetic, however sometimes I think patience is not one of my virtues sadly. I'm working on it. ;)
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beautiful work!
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This is a beautiful path!! I would LOVE to walk on this!! :D It would be so romantic! X3
Great work... :D But I dont have to tell you that. ;)

This is almost Sleepy Hollow-ish. :D
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Aww thanks. It gave me fits on this one so I faded it out round the edges.

I love Sleepy Hollow, it's actually a pretty little town too. ;)
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Ya I would love to have trails like that around where I live. We kind of do when we walk down or long ass dirt road, since the leaves are all turning orange and yellow. Not like that tho! That is much more beautiful. :D
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It's funny you talk about leaves being so bright, the inspiration I had for this was due to were I live, we have a very vibrant autumn. In fact, we're actually famous for it.:#1::giggle: [link] [link] [link]
We just finished out our Autumn Glory festival this past Sunday. It's so funny that it's such a small town but we are voted to have the largest Fall festival in the world. I don't know if that's true but we do get a lot of tourists, as usually about 5,000 people cram Oakland. :faint:
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Wow! Thats amazing! :D

I would love to go visit sometime... if I ever get enough money to travel. lmao
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That would be fun! Yeah it's beautiful here right now. I'm trying to get out to shoot some pictures for stock. :P But something always gets in the way.

I hear you about money for travel, I've wanted to go on a trip for a long time. :tears:
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Man... the more I see pics from where you live, it makes me want to go visit even more!!! X3 Especially in the Fall! I cant imagine what it looks like in the winter. :D

TOTALLY! Thats my only setback... I dont have enough money. I would be traveling all around if I did have enough. lol
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Yeah it's a pretty town, the people are nice but they all have a stick up their butts. To be honest after eleven years of living here my mother and I are probably moving to Morgantown which is a city about an hour away where my university is located. I love living here for it's scenery and the atmosphere, but there's not much here and with the economy it's hard to live. If you'd like to know a little more about my town I used to take pictures of it before I got into photomanipulation. It's called the "Home" series which is still somewhere in my gallery. ;)

The winters are pretty but it can get pretty rough, we get snow in the feet not inches and it's often hard to get out and around. The skiers like it though, and it's picturesque.
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Aww thanks. This one isn't my best though I think I maybe losing my touch...or I'm really tired. :ohnoes::giggle:
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lol Well I like it. ^^
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