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Fillies and... uh... Fillies!
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Buddy Funtasia (Filly Funtasia Recasted) Cast by Vietel-Republic, literature

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I am sorry but I want to ask something.
 Since one official pre-Funtasia work for 'Filly' is featured on here (a wallpaper, too) and some of the 'Filly' and not 'FillyFuntasia' characters have the drawings here maybe it's okay to feature these? > my Filly world stars pony toys unicorn wallpaper01
Uhum I'm sorry, but found what I suppose is the official art for 'FillyMagazine' and etc., here's the link (amongst many others):
(https: //
oh yeh I'm admin here huh
beep boop

not dead
This group's Admin doesn't seem to be active any more. Would anyone mind if I created a separate group, one that would remain active (I have no plans on leaving DA any time soon) and keep up to date with news about Filly Funtasia?

I mean, I'll create it anyway, but just so people know about it.
actually, I'm the admin

I'll log in on that account if I'm needed