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Chest piece

So I sat for 3 and half at Optic Nerve Arts with Tim Jordan today, it was pretty painful, and the hour drive home sucked ass, but other than that I'm super stoked about how it's coming along.
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Jul 2, 2005, 1:39:24 PM
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Beautiful tattoo design. I love the pseudo-symmetry. I'm a sucker for symmetry but this has that symmetrical feel but has the design variety on each side too. Very well balanced.
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Thanks! The artist and I talked a lot about that when I brought my sketch in. Asymmetry is the best to me because you get balance but can have different elements. Hope to get it finished this year...
that artist is skilled, brilliant line work and very steady... lucky guy
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thanks 4 more hours on july 5th
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dude it came out really great :nod:
This is beaut
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Thanks, I've been aching in my soul leaving it unfinished for so long...
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Your tattoo is really cool. I love the style, kinda art nouveau.
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Thanks, that's kind of what I was going for with the flourishes but the way the artist colored the skull helps a lot too. I'm anxious to get it finished.
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I would be too. It is going to look great. God's speed to your cash flow.
I love this. And do I spy a swallow? :) The color in the other picture is amazing.
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Yes you do, interesting fact is that was actually my 3rd tattoo that I let a friend who just finished their apprenticeship do but the outlines were shotty so I built it into my chest piece and it's getting a little bit of a make over.

I'm gonna book another session in December, it's my Christmas, sooo stoked.
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That looks f'n amazing... Sa-weet!:skullbones:
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Thanks for the fav, hopefully I will have some more cash next month to do my second coloring session.
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Looks clean, cheers!
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wow, it looks great
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this piece is fucking awesome.
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When I got my outline, i thought it hurt but it wasnt that bad. When I got the shading and color, it was pretty fine, but hurt a million times worse, especially in the middle right over your chest bone it is going to hurt the worst. I feel for you dude, I really really do.
oO-violetta-Oo's avatar
this is by far one of the most stunning chest pieces I've ever seen... very jealous..
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Thank you very much, Tim Jordan is amazing, I don't know if I will go to anyone else in Oregon anymore.
oO-violetta-Oo's avatar
with that sort of workmanship I wouldn't stray either.. he's fantastic!

How much did this cost? It's so hard to locate a great tattoo artist so it might be worth it to take a trip to Oregon to have him do my forearm work...besides, I'm in dire need of a vacation :/

:] Again, jealous. lol
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125 an hour, so far I've spent 400, plus a deposit of 125 that comes off the end price of the tattoo.
oO-violetta-Oo's avatar
I'm such a newb when it comes to tattoos but oh man.. that's expensive..

still, his work is awesome so I would probably pay that much
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