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Hey! I'm working on art for a DMsGuild product, "Knights and Tricksters" The current assignment is a level 20 Halfling Rogue that has summoned allies to help in heists and adventuring... Find Familiar, Find Steed, Conjure Woodland Being, Conjure Minor Elemental. All are available to work as a team with the rogue.
What would you have the rogue summon as ongoing allies?
reply on my facebook page here:
and sign up for updates to be part of the process!
If you're a $1 or more patreon supporter here:
... you get a vote on the finalists! Each $ = extra vote, you get the full detail image when finished, and if you sign on at $5+ you get a licensed copy to use in your own work for each of the 5 characters in the illustration.
Taking suggestions until Friday 5/24 Midnight PST
So far...
1. rat familiar + raptor steed + smoke mephit + pixie
2. imp familiar + foo dog steed + minor air elemental + dryad
3. Fey Weasel + Fey Mastiff + Geonids elementals + blink dogs
.. looking forward to seeing more!
Follow my work progress and book release information on facebook at
I'm now active on Patreon!

If you like my work and want to get a piece at ridiculously low rates, consider joining as an Enthusiast or Art Director to guide me towards the content you want me to produce!
I'm making a book!  I've paused art production while I focus on writing instead of painting, and the text is flowing like ink from the proverbial quill! First the actual text, then layout, then I'll know where to put the art and get back into it!  Will be posting it all as I progress for folks to see what I got going on.

It's a RPG book that will publish in the Wizards of the Coast marketplace,
the book will be a supplement for the Eberron Campaign setting with lots of utility to use in any other RPG. 

Once I get done with layout I'll have regular updates with new art. 
I'm having a blast, and looking forward to sharing more!



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Thanks for taking time to look at my work!

I freelance digital art with a preference towards fantasy/scifi subject matter, with a growing focus on environments and landscapes.

Bob Ross painting on PBS led me to be interested in art...
Years of playing Dungeons & Dragons and Rifts encouraged me to keep expanding my imagination-- I still run periodic table top RPG games.

Be welcome to leave a comment or drop me a note.


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